CAN certification

The CAN conformance test plan is specified in ISO 16845. This document specifies the methodology and the abstract test suite necessary to check the conformance of any CAN implementation to the CAN specification (ISO 11898-1). The test plan environment consists of a lower tester, the implementation under test (IUT), and the upper tester. Since the message storage capability, the hardware acceptance filter, and the CPU interface are not standardized, the only link between lower tester and IUT are the PLS-Data.indicate and PLS-Data.request interfaces.

The abstract test suites are independent of one another. Each test suite checks the behavior of the IUT for a particular parameter of the CAN specification. The test cases are grouped to received frame type cases, to transmitted frame type cases, and to bi-directional frame type cases. Each test type is subdivided in six test classes:

  • Valid frame format class
  • Error detection class
  • Active error frame management class
  • Overload frame class
  • Passive error state and bus-off class
  • Bit-timing class

An authorized official testing laboratory, which certifies CAN implementations, does not exist.