Bookbinding machine

Fig. 1: XC 200

Source: CAN Newsletter March 2007

The Sigloch group in Germany uses a book and brochure production machines control system with CANopen network. In former times bookbinding was a handcraft. But nowadays, the binding and production of books is done automatically. Sigloch offers a range of machines including trimming, folding, collating, binding and shrink-wrapping machines. The machines (e.g. ZTM 7043 sheet gathering or KB 4300 adhesive binding machine) are controlled by XC200 programmable devices with CANopen interfaces. Via this network, I/O modules and motion controllers are connected to the PLC. The HMI communicates with the PLC via an Ethernet network. The XC200 device provides 512-KiB program memory and 256-KiB data memory as well as eight local digital inputs and six local digital outputs. The PLC can be extended by XIOC modules. The CANopen network has reduced the wiring and the space for the devices, to  allow a more compact design of the machines.