Cooperations with partner organizations

Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL)

Open Source software has many advantages not only for the private computer user but above all for the industry and in industrial products. This is due to the availability of the source code and the unrestricted right to adapt the software to own needs and convey it to anyone in any form. On the other hand, using Open Source software often needs additional services such as installation, adaptation, maintenance and legal support. This has led to founding the Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) in 2005 to provide to the industry whatever is needed to successfully generate business based on Open Source software. Important OSADL projects focus on real-time capability, quality assurance and safety certification of the Linux kernel. In particular, OSADL

  • coordinates and funds Open Source projects for the industry
  • optimizes Open Source software in its test lab (OSADL QA Farm)
  • organizes certification of safety-critical systems (SIL2LinuxMP project)
  • offers general legal support by OSADL's General Counsel
  • audits license compliance through standard procedure (OSADL LCA)
  • conducts conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses

OSADL members are machine builders, manufacturers of automation hardware and software, semiconductor companies, Open Source software service providers and user associations.

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