Cooperations with publishing houses

CAN in Automation co-operates with media partners for conferences and fairs. The following publishing houses support CiA:

China Automation

East International Technology Medium Limited publishes six magazines in simplified Chinese, reaching over 170.000 decision-makers in China's electric power, petrochemical industry, environmental protection, machinery for food industry, processing automation industries, etc. Supported by a bilingual China sourcing site, the company's objective is to give industry leaders in China the international technology tranfer, solutions and applications they need to improve manufacturing productivity and profitability in these rapidly growing industries, and support a platform to debate and communicate for automation manufacturer, industry users, academy and scientific research departments.

Control Engineering

Control Engineering is a magazine for engineers in all industries who buy, specify, design and maintain automation, control and instrumentation devices, networks, systems, and software for automated process, manufacturing, and hybrid solutions.

A world-wide recognized brand in automation for fifty years, Control Engineering's mission is to be the must-read information source for the global control, instrumentation and automation marketplace, providing more information on technology, products, news, and trends in print and online than any other source for personal and plant-wide productivity (,

EDN Europe

In Europe, EDN has for many years provided a source of data on new and emerging technologies, design techniques and innovative products. EDN Europe gives its readers a blend of regional and global coverage, with every edition containing editorial researched and written in Europe, blended with articles drawn from the output of EDN’s team of specialist editors in the USA and across the world. EDN requires all of its editors to have engineering qualifications and experience, which adds up to depth in editorial resource.

At the heart of every edition of the magazine is a series of in-depth technical articles. The technical articles will typically run over four to six, or even more, pages of the magazine. Every issue provides a variety of topics from across the industry and includes comprehensive coverage of subjects such as the automotive, communications and industrial sectors. EDN’s Product pages dip into the many hundreds of new products launched in the industry each month. (


Belonging to SooQ Media group, is an active industrial media, which concerns on advanced technologies applied in the field device, control and managing section of modern factory, key areas such as new energy, OEM, intelligent building, rail transport, water treatment, intelligent instrument, management and maintenance of equipment and materials handling, etc. offers China’s biggest equipment database with 1,2 million entries.

IIANews has always adhered to the principle of reporting latest information of technology trend, marketing and product. More importantly, IIANews insists on transmitting the most valuable information to engineers and decision makers, playing a major role in their learning, working and evaluating.(

Lift Report

For nearly 30 years the technical journal Lift-Report has covered topics of the lift industry, escalators, horizontal moving walkways, service lifts and components. As an independent journal, Lift-Report is a valuable source of information for lift industry businessmen and managers. The articles are of interest to technicians working in the industry, trade, research and specialized institutes, planning and layout departments.

A modern layout allows readers to quickly find any articles of interest, reports about events taking place in the respective sectors of industry, company reports and product information together with features on the latest statutory regulations and standards. National and international associations and institutions use Lift-Report as an information medium.

Published six times a year, Lift-Report provides topical information on current trade events and - via its homepage with the Internet forum - allows its readers to take an active part in the discussion of trade problems or to retrieve current data. (

SPS Magazine

The leading German magazine for automation focusing control and drive technology, industrial communication, operating and monitoring, safety and security, measuring and sensoring, as well as leadership and management. Twice a year the special issue “Mobile Automation” is published, which focuses on automation of mobile machinery.

In the space of one volume, SPS magazine informs extensively about all topics concerning the automation sector. SPS magazine is known for its high quality standards in its editorial section, particulary for picking up new trends and innovations as well as their practical presentation. Thereby SPS magazine has, within only a few years, become the most popular automation magazine among operators, marketing heads and experts in the automation sector - a trusted asset in the field. Our range of topics has increased constantly over the years. Alltogether, SPS-MAGAZIN presents the 'entire world of automation', allowing for a systematic overview. (