CANopen FD - the art of embedded networking

Get more information on our stand no. 630 in hall 1 at the Embedded World in Nuremberg (March 14 to 16, 2017).

As usual, CiA’s exhibition stand is the place to get latest information on CAN and CANopen technology. This year, the main topic is information about the benefits of CANopen FD, which re-utilizes the advantages of the well-proven CANopen. Additionally, CANopen FD was designed with special regard to simplicity. It eases adding embedded networks to IIoT applications. CANopen FD is ready for advanced safety and security. Software and hardware units as well as tools are available at reasonable prices from several suppliers.

The CANopen FD demonstrator shown on the CiA stand illustrates the increased data throughput, provided by CAN FD. Therefore prototypes from the companies Emtas, ES Academy, esd, HMS, and MicroControl exchange in a real network architecture, very efficiently, large images, utilizing the USDO block transfer in broadcast at a transmission speed of 500 kbit/s in the arbitration phase and 2 Mbit/s in the data phase.

The CANopen FD application layer and communication profile will be specified in CiA 301 version 5.0. The specification is still under development. The flexibility of the CANopen FD protocols, especially the USDO protocols, will enable the design of very efficient embedded networks. It is the art of embedded networking.