CiA member statistics

CiA members are spread all over the world, but the majority is situated in Germany. Most of them are device manufacturers followed by sub-system providers.

End of 2022, CiA counted 751 members. The majority (515) has less than 100 employees. About 50 percent of the members are located in German-speaking countries (Austria, Germany, and Switzerland). About 10 percent of the CiA membership is coming from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden). Another 10 percent are headquartered in North America (Canada and U.S.A.).

Most of the members are device suppliers (468) followed by sub-system (192) and service (106) providers. A significant number (95) are technology enablers offering CAN chips, interface modules, and software stacks. There are also 42 tool suppliers in the CiA community.

The device suppliers offer electrical drives (155), host controllers (146), sensors (121), generic I/O devices (115), human machine interfaces (106), and gateway devices (77). Some members support multiple sub-categories. Some member companies are focused on special applications such as off-road vehicles (85 members), lift/elevator control (54), subsea equipment (29), rolling stock (26), refuse-collecting vehicles (26), and maritime electronics (24).

The number of OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) is 75 and three members are end-users. There are also 21 research-related members and 20 members provide software solutions. Some member companies are in multiple business categories.

The majority of members support CANopen (437). About 20 members provide CANopen Safety in their product. Close to 90 members offers J1939-based products. The number of Devicenet supporters is 48.