10th international CAN Conference

The 10th iCC took place in Rome, Italy together with several CiA workshops. The sessions covered time-triggered communication, physical layer issues, vehicle applications, network topologies, and others topics.

Atmel and System Electronics as well as some publications (EDN Europe, Lift Report, RTC Books, and VNU Business Publications) sponsored the 10th iCC.


Session I: Time-triggered communication
Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gruhler (STA Reutlingen)
Chris Quigley (Warwick Control Technologies): Time-triggered CAN, implementation, development and testing tools
Rober Hugel (Robert Bosch): Heuristic scheduling concepts for TTCAN networks
Alessandro Bertacchini (University of Modena): Control of brushless DC motor with static redundancy for force-feedback in steer-by-wire applications
Session II: Physical layer
Chairperson: Holger Zeltwanger (CAN in Automation)
Kazimierz Kamuda (Rzeszow University of Technology): The analysis of signals propagation in transmission lines in the configuration of the CAN bus controller
Dr. Qing Jia (Rockwell Automation): DeviceNet media redundancy: an approach
Jim Lepkowski (ON Semiconductor): EMI/ESD protection solutions for the CAN bus
Session III: Vehicle applications I
Chairperson: Michel Passemard (Atmel)
Jeremy Retham (Deuta-Werke): CAN applications in vehicles
Mark Edwards (SAiC): Improving safety with on-board monitoring and control systems using CAN technology
Ulrich Hiermann (Iveco): CANopen truck gateway
Session IV: Network topologies
Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gruhler (STA Reutlingen)
Stephan Rohr (University of Ulm): High-speed optical Controller Area Networks (CAN)
J.V. Capella (Polytechnical University of Valencia): CAN-based system with optical fiber in a mobile robot with EMC immunity
Manuel Barranco (University of the Balearan Islands): A CAN hub with improved error detection and isolation
Session V: Vehicle applications II
Chairperson: Robert Hugel (Robert Bosch)
Qinglian Ren (University of Newcastle): CAN-based control network used in fuel cell electric vehicles
George Valsamakis (University of Sussex): Management and configuration for MilCAN vetronic systems
Abdul Qabaz (BAE Systems Land Systems): Implementation of MilCAN on a main battle tank
Session VI: Gateway technologies
Chairperson: Viktor Schiffer (Rockwell Automation)
Jan Taube (University of Rostock): Comparison of CAN gateway modules for automotive and industrial control applications
Kamelia Kaneva (Technical University of Sofia): A PSD-based CAN to LonWorks bridge/gateway
Holger Zeltwanger (CAN in Automation): Gateway profiles connecting CANopen and Ethernet
Session VII: System architectures
Chairperson: Alessandro Galbiati (Ascon)
Heikki Saha (Sandvik Tamrock): Multilevel CANopen networks
Prof. Francisco Cardoso (University of Coimbra): Defining scenarios in home and building automation: CANopen and the virtual entities approach
Viktor Schiffer (Rockwell Automation): Routing of messages between DeviceNet networks and into other CIP networks
Session VIII: Research I
Chairperson: Mario G. Casali (System Electronics)
Gianluca Cena (Polytechnic Institute Torino): A socket-based interface to CAN
Frank Steinert (ProTime): UML-based framework
David Kenny (Electronic Engineering): CAN-enabled network processor
Session IX: Semiconductor solutions
Chairperson: Martin Rostan (Beckhoff)
Wayne Chen, (Texas Instruments): Experiences and challenges of CAN transceivers in up-integrated system basis chips
Daniel Leu (Inicore): CPU-less CANopen at 200 °C
Namsub Kim, (University of Kyung Hee): Design and verification of a CAN controller for custom ASIC
Session X: Research II
Chairperson: Robert Hugel (Robert Bosch)
Mouaaz Nahas (University of Leicester): The impact of bit stuffing on the real-time performance of a distributed control system
Arnaldo Oliveira (University of Aveiro): CLAN – A technology-independent synthesizable CAN controller
Dimitris Armenis (University of Liverpool): Thread prioritization for an embedded CANopen master stack with web interface
Session XI: Tools
Chairperson: Alessandro Galbiati (Ascon)
Bruce Decker (Schneider Electric): A proposed method to determine dynamic interoperability of CANopen devices
Fredrik Löwenhielm (CC Systems): Developing and testing distributed CAN-based real-time control-systems using a single PC
Damien Grolleau (Atmel): A CANopen compliant bootloader for Atmel's AT90CAN128
Session XII: CANopen on other networks
Chairperson: Holger Zeltwanger (CAN in Automation)
Martin Rostan (Beckhoff): CANopen over EtherCAT – taking a CAN technology to the next level
Andreas Pfeiffer (Bernecker & Rainer): CANopen on real-time Ethernet
Olaf Pfeiffer (ESAcademy): CANopen on general serial networks