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August 2019

A word from the CiA Managing Director

The half-year analysis of the CAN Newsletter Online visitors showed an increase of engineers from North America. About one third of the visitors are from the United States. About 15 percent are from Germany followed by engineers from China (6 %), Italy (3,8 %), Japan (3,6 %), and UK (3,3 %). We use Google Analytics as well as Matomo to analyze the CAN Newsletter Online visits.

The LinkedIn groups on CAN and CANopen are still increasing, but the discussions are slowing down. There are too much product placements of market studies mainly by Indian companies. So, we stopped are contributions to a minimum. On Twitter, we are still active. We consider the support of other social media platforms, for example Youtube. By the way, we have already a Youtube channel, but we did not maintain it regularly.

What is stable, is the CAN Newsletter magazine downloadable free-of-charge as PDF file. More than 3000 downloads per issue for the whole magazine plus single-article downloads - even from past issues (sometimes years ago).

We also plan to merge this email service with CiA’s Weekly Telegraph referencing the CAN Newsletter articles. We need to save our limited resources, in order to serve the different media – email service is just one media you and should also be just one.


Call for experts: CAN XL higher-layer functions

This Task Force (TF) of the Special Interest Group CAN XL will specify so-called Protocol Types and their optional protocol-specific headers. It is intended to specify generic and specific Multi-PDU solutions for CANopen/FD, J1939, ISO 11783, ISO 15765-2, XCP, and all other standardized higher-layer protocols (HLP). Additionally, there are planned Protocol Type assignments for TCP protocols. The TF needs HLP-specific experts to specify in detail the headers. Next TF meeting will take place on October 2, 2019. Interested parties should contact secretary(at)

Call for experts: CiA 416 profile for building doors and gates

The CANopen profile for building door control needs to be reviewed. Therefore, CiA calls for experts, who are interested to improve the profile. New feature requests will be discussed as well as extensions of already specified functions. The next meeting is planned for September; non-members may participate as guest. If interested, please send an email to secretary(at)

More information on iCC 2020

CiA has updated its web pages on the 17th international CAN Conference (iCC), which will take place in Baden-Baden on March 17 and 18, 2020. Besides the call-for-papers, there is information on sponsoring and exhibition opportunities. These web pages are optimized for use on mobile equipment such as tablets and smartphones.

Chinese cities grant licenses to self-driving cars

Recently, Chinese authorities granted five companies with 49 licenses to allow road tests for autonomous vehicles (AV) in Changsha. Baidu, the Chinese Google, is one of the AV makers. Its Apollo vehicles are equipped with CAN and Ethernet in-vehicle networks. The connected networked ECUs (electronic control units) implement the ROS (Robot Operating System) open-source operating system originally developed for industrial and service robots. Read more on CAN Newsletter Online.

New CiA members since the last CiA Info Mail (CIM)

CiA has 670 members (August 2, 2019).

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