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December 2019

A word from the CiA Managing Director

A quarter of a century is a long time in electronics business. In November 1994, CiA released the first version of the “CAL-based communication profile”, which is nowadays known as CANopen. The 60-pages specification had been handed over to CiA by the ASPIC research project. CANopen is based on the Classical CAN data link layer protocol implemented in many micro-controllers.

Nowadays, classic CANopen as specified in the CiA 301 document is internationally standardized in EN 50325-4. It is used increasingly as deeply embedded network for a device-internal communication purposes. Those deeply embedded networks are invisible for the device user.

For applications requiring more bandwidth or larger payloads, CANopen FD can be used. It is based on the CAN FD data link layer standardized in ISO 11898-1:2015. On the CiA booth at SPS 2019 in Nuremberg, a migration path from classic CANopen to CANopen FD was demonstrated. There was one CANopen FD network linked via a bridge/gateway unit to a legacy CANopen network. This seems to be a simple solution to integrate classic CANopen devices into a CANopen FD environment.

This year, not just CANopen celebrates its 25th anniversary: Also J1939 and Devicenet were introduced in 1994. In the December issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine, there are articles about the anniversary of CANopen respectively J1939-based standards.


December issue of CAN Newsletter magazine

The CAN Newsletter magazine focuses on specifications in its December issue. There are articles about CANopen, CANopen FD, J1939-based specifications, and the CAN-based Chinese charging protocol. Additionally, the magazine provides two articles about security. Other topics include HIL testing, using Raspberry Pi for displaying vehicle data, and the role of telematics in self-driving vehicles.

Agritechnica 2019 and Isobus

This year, CiA has not exhibited at the Agritechnica tradeshow in Hannover (Germany), which saw some 450000 visitors. But CiA plans to participate it in two years (2021). CAN is the dominating communication technology in agriculture and forestry machines. The J1939-based Isobus as standardized in the ISO 11783 series links the tractor and the implements (add-on devices and harvesting vehicles). The tractor in-vehicle networks are based on J1939-71 and the implement-internal networks use proprietary CAN or CANopen networks. See also the report in CAN Newsletter Online.

CAN Newsletter Online

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