Marketing options

CiA is offering different marketing opportunities, some of them even non-member companies may take advantage of.

The CAN Newsletter magazine provides advertising in its PDF-version with technical articles and application reports, and banner advertising with dossiers and features on its Online version. Here, editorial links to related articles and background information complete the source of information. Both advertising options are offered at reasonable prices.

Another occasion for product marketing is the CiA Product Guide. It provides information on available CAN, CANopen, and J1939 products with worldwide sales contacts. The product entries are highly integrated into the CAN Newsletter Online and are listed with the company logo and direct link to the product entry underneath related articles.

By subscribing to CiA’s Weekly Telegraph readers get an email showing a list of direct links to the news and articles of the week. Also included are links to new product entries in the CiA Product Guides. Banner ads in CiA’s Weekly Telegraph are especially suitable for announcing a new product release or an upcoming event. Details on ad and banner sizes, deadlines, data formats, and prices are available in our actual media kit.

From time to time CiA publishes brochures for special application areas or special exhibitions or countries or even videos. Advertising opportunities in these media will be offered separately in the CiA Member News and some of them in the CAN Info Mail (for non-members), too.

Last but not least, we may mention the well-known CANopen product panels on CiA exhibition stands. These offer companies, which have no stand or one in another hall, to still show their latest products on the CiA exhibition stand.

Details, deadlines, and prices are available at CiA office.