Devices tested for interoperability by CiA

Please find subsequently all devices that passed the CiA interoperability test in the only official testing laboratory at CAN in Automation.

Test completed on Manufacturer name Product name
2013-03-07 Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co. KG MCBL300...CO
2013-06-13 Kunbus GmbH PNOZ m ES CANopen
2013-06-13 Kunbus GmbH PSSnet GW1 MOD-CAN
2013-06-13 Kunbus GmbH Kunbus-Gate CANopen-ModebusTCP
2013-06-13 Sick AG DL100
2014-09-18 IBS-Hühne GmbH IBSMT12
2014-09-18 IBS-Hühne GmbH IBSMT4
2014-09-18 IBS-Hühne GmbH IBSMT12
2019-01-14 HMS Industrial Networks AB Anybus CompactCom 40 CANopen
2019-01-30 ROBEX Industrie-Electronik GmbH RES-5009
2020-11-09 LINAK A/S LAxxCAN