The SIG develops and maintains the next generation of CAN data link and physical layer, providing an extra large payload, and supporting in the data-phase bit-rates exceeding 8 Mbit/s. Additionally, the SIG develops and maintains related conformance test plans.


Dr. Arthur Mutter, Robert Bosch

Date Time UTC+2, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm time Location
2021-10-22 13:00 - 16:00 SIG CAN XL TF higher layer e-meeting
2021-10-29 13:00 - 16:00 SIG CAN XL TF security e-meeting
2021-11-23 15:00 - 17:00 SIG CAN XL TF simulation e-meeting*
2021-11-25 11:00 - 13:30 SIG CAN XL e-meeting*
2021-12-08 13:00 - 15:00 SIG CAN XL TF physical layer e-meeting*


Title Date Status Size Published Action
SIG CAN XL2019-02-01Minutes6.6 MiB2019-02-12Login
SIG CAN XL TF XL physical layer2019-02-22Minutes2.7 MiB2019-02-25Login
SIG CAN XL TF XL physical layer2019-03-12Minutes214 KiB2019-03-13Login
SIG CAN XL TF XL physical layer2019-03-15Minutes4.7 MiB2019-03-26Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2019-04-12Minutes1.0 MiB2019-04-29Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2019-04-12Minutes1.3 MiB2019-04-29Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2019-04-30Minutes4.2 MiB2019-05-09Login
SIG CAN XL2019-06-06Minutes6.4 MiB2019-06-28Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2019-06-04Minutes3.5 MiB2019-07-11Login
SIG CAN XL2019-03-27Minutes1.6 MiB2019-07-11Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2019-06-05Minutes13.2 MiB2019-07-11Login
SIG CAN XL2018-12-18Minutes1.2 MiB2019-07-12Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2019-07-24Minutes142 KiB2019-08-05Login
SIG CAN XL2019-10-01Minutes9.2 MiB2019-10-10Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2019-10-02Minutes4.6 MiB2019-10-22Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2019-10-18Minutes1.4 MiB2019-10-29Login
SIG CAN XL2019-11-08Minutes2.7 MiB2019-11-18Login
SIG CAN XL attachments2019-11-08Minutes3.8 MiB2019-11-18Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2019-11-26Minutes2.5 MiB2019-12-19Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2019-12-03Minutes8.3 MiB2020-01-09Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2020-01-28Minutes2.2 MiB2020-02-13Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2020-03-04Minutes122 KiB2020-04-16Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-04-27Minutes4.8 MiB2020-04-29Login
SIG CAN XL2020-05-05Minutes392 KiB2020-05-15Login
SIG CAN XL2020-05-29Minutes112 KiB2020-06-03Login
SIG CAN XL2019-12-04Minutes1.9 MiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-03-10Minutes3.8 MiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL2020-03-17Minutes1.9 MiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-03-31Minutes2.1 MiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL2020-04-01Minutes170 KiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2020-04-21Minutes109 KiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL2020-05-28Minutes1.8 MiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-05-27Minutes4.5 MiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL TF security2020-04-22Minutes1.6 MiB2020-06-09Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2020-05-25Minutes524 KiB2020-06-09Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-06-15Minutes1.8 MiB2020-07-01Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-07-08Minutes9.7 MiB2020-07-20Login
SIG CAN XL2020-06-30Minutes3.3 MiB2020-07-20Login
SIG CAN XL2020-07-10Minutes1.9 MiB2020-07-20Login
SIG CAN XL2020-07-17Minutes1.4 MiB2020-07-22Login
SIG CAN XL2020-08-06Minutes3.9 MiB2020-08-13Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-08-12Minutes3.1 MiB2020-08-27Login
SIG CAN XL TF security2020-06-23Minutes1.2 MiB2020-09-01Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2020-09-15Minutes3.5 MiB2020-09-28Login
SIG CAN XL TF security2020-09-23Minutes1.1 MiB2020-09-30Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-09-24Minutes1.3 MiB2020-10-05Login
SIG CAN XL2020-10-02Minutes329 KiB2020-10-07Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-10-16Minutes2.1 MiB2020-10-28Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2020-10-22Minutes1.8 MiB2020-10-30Login
SIG CAN XL2020-10-14Minutes1.9 MiB2020-11-03Login
SIG CAN XL2020-10-16Minutes1.5 MiB2020-11-03Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-11-18Minutes2.2 MiB2020-11-23Login
SIG CAN XL2020-11-27Minutes2.2 MiB2020-12-15Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-12-07Minutes749 KiB2020-12-15Login
SIG CAN XL TF security2020-11-12Minutes104 KiB2021-01-12Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2020-12-04Minutes102 KiB2021-01-28Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2021-01-19Minutes1.5 MiB2021-02-01Login
SIG CAN XL2021-01-22Minutes3.7 MiB2021-02-03Login
SIG CAN XL TF security2021-01-14Minutes472 KiB2021-02-08Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2021-02-25Minutes1.9 MiB2021-03-01Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2021-01-29Minutes241 KiB2021-03-04Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2021-02-10Minutes737 KiB2021-03-04Login
SIG CAN XL2021-02-26Minutes2.0 MiB2021-03-05Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2021-03-05Minutes1.7 MiB2021-03-12Login
TF physical layer2021-03-25Minutes268 KiB2021-04-13Login
TF higher layer2021-04-16Minutes879 KiB2021-04-19Login
TF security2021-03-18Minutes678 KiB2021-04-26Login
SIG CAN XL plugfest preparation2021-05-21Minutes443 KiB2021-05-26Login
SIG CAN XL2021-05-05Minutes1.8 MiB2021-05-26Login
TF physical layer2021-05-06Minutes4.2 MiB2021-05-27Login
TF higher layer2021-05-20Minutes413 KiB2021-05-28Login
TF security2021-04-30Minutes768 KiB2021-06-25Login
SIG CAN XL2021-06-30Minutes3.1 MiB2021-07-16Login
SIG CAN XL2021-06-30Minutes3.1 MiB2021-07-19Login
TF higher layer2021-07-09Minutes1.4 MiB2021-08-19Login
TF physical layer2021-07-20Minutes7.4 MiB2021-08-24Login
SIG CAN XL2021-08-10Minutes1.3 MiB2021-08-25Login
TF security2021-07-08Minutes1.5 MiB2021-09-15Login
TF higher layer2021-09-17Minutes220 KiB2021-09-24Login
CiA 610-4 version 0.0.12021-09-26Specification1.1 MiB2021-10-06
IG lower layer SIG CAN XL physical layer2021-10-15Minutes4.5 MiB2021-10-20Login


Title Details
CAN XL MICI Implementation Guide version 1.0.0CAN XL MICI Implementation Guide
WDP1.0 MiB2020-12-17Login
CiA 610-2 version 0.0.1CAN XL Part 2: Data link layer and physical signaling conformance test plan
WD1.4 MiB2021-06-28Login
CiA 610-1 version 0.0.4CAN XL specifications and test plans Part 1: Data link layer and physical coding sub-layer requirements
WD839 KiB2021-08-23Login
CiA 610-4 version 0.0.1CAN XL specification and test plans Part 4: Physical medium attachment sub-layer test plan
1.1 MiB2021-09-26
CiA 610-3 version XL specifications and test plans - Part 3: Physical medium attachment sub-layer requirements
WD1.9 MiB2021-10-13Login
CiA 611-2 version 0.0.2CAN higher layer functions - Part 2: Multi-PDU
WD319 KiB2021-02-15Login
CiA 611-1 version 0.0.9CAN XL higher layer functions - Part 1: Definition of service data unit types
WD286 KiB2021-06-07Login
CiA 613-2 version 0.0.4CAN XL add-on services Part 2: Security
WD584 KiB2021-06-09Login
CiA 613-3 version 0.0.1CAN XL add-on services Part 3: LLC Frame Fragmentation
WD325 KiB2021-05-18Login