SIG encoder and inclinometer


Enhancement and maintenance of profiles for inclinometer as well as for linear and rotary encoders: CiA 406 - Encoder; CiA 410 - Inclinometer.


Klaus Matzker, Fraba

Group meetings

DateTime (Berlin, Germany)GroupLocation
2020-01-30 15:00 - 17:00 IG profiles SIG encoder and inclinometer e-meeting


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SIG encoder and inclinometer2011-03-02Minutes95 KiB2017-07-18Login
SIG encoder and inclinometer2012-06-27Minutes85 KiB2017-07-18Login
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Title Details
CiA 406 version 3.2.0CANopen device profile for encoders
DescriptionThis document represents the CANopen device profile for incremental and absolute, linear and rotary encoders. Besides position, velocity, acceleration, and jerk output possibility complete cam functionality is covered. In addition, it is possible to handle multi-sensors through one CANopen device. All the above mentioned devices use communication techniques, which conform to those described in the CANopen application layer and communication profile specification /CiA301/. This document should be consulted in parallel to this profile.
public533 KiB2006-12-18Login
CiA 406 version 4.0.5CANopen device profile for encoders
WD2.0 MiB2018-09-20Login
CiA 406 version 4.1.0CANopen device profile for encoders
DescriptionThis document specifies the communication and application parameters for different types of linear and rotary encoders such as incremental and absolute, normal, and high resolution, single and multi-sensor (linear only) encoders. The document provides also operating principles of the encoders and specifies encoder output process values such as position, speed, acceleration and jerk. The document specifies also encoder CAM parameters. This document also specifies CANopen Safety parameters such as Safety position and Safety speed for encoders with CANopen Safety functionality (see EN 50325-5).
DSP1.6 MiB2019-06-01Login
CiA 406-B version 0.0.1Functional behavior and parameters for encoders
WD1.6 MiB2020-01-17Login
CiA 406-C version 0.0.1CANopen mapping for encoders
WD633 KiB2020-01-17Login
CiA 410 version 1.3.0CANopen device profile for inclinometer
DescriptionThis specification represents the CANopen device profile for one- and two-axis inclinometers.
public194 KiB2010-02-23Login
CiA 410 version 2.0.0CANopen device profile for inclinometer
DescriptionThis profile specifies the CANopen interface for one- and two-axis inclinometers. This sensor interface provides optionally also temperature, speed, acceleration, and jerk process values. The specification includes optional CANopen safety-communication interface compliant to safety integrity levels (SIL) as defined in IEC 61508.
DSP0.9 MiB2014-03-25Login
CiA 406-J version device profile for encoders - J1939 mapping
WDP204 KiB2019-09-01Login