The international CAN Conference acts as an unrivaled platform for presenting the latest CAN, CAN FD, CAN XL developments. Experts from all over the world and from most diversified application areas have met for years at this international event.

The conference is unique in its target group and it offers participants the possibility to become acquainted with the latest developments in CAN. The iCC is the event to present CAN-based research and for exchanging experiences with international experts from related work fields.

Call for papers

CiA invites you to become an active part of the upcoming 17th international CAN Conference. Take the opportunity and present you and your company to an interested audience. Discuss your latest developments and solutions in the application fields of CAN with long-standing experts in CAN-based networking.

CAN experts from all kind of CAN application fields are invited to present their latest developments, and to report on new application fields. Topics will be CAN, CAN FD and CAN XL. We are very much looking forward to learn which interesting topics will be submitted.

Call for papers

General information

Please fill out ALL highlighted fields. Otherwise your submission cannot be processed.

Deadline for abstract submission is September 16, 2019.

Please consider the following details to plan and submit a presentation:

  1. The scope of the international CAN Conference is to discuss latest technical trends and developments in CAN-based networking. We appreciate any submission, covering CAN-related novel ideas.
  2. Submissions to the 17th international CAN Conference should not have been published previously in any magazine or conference. Additionally they should not be under review or consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere.
  3. Technical trends and solutions are in the focus of the 17th iCC. Marketing-oriented papers as well as pure product descriptions will not be accepted.
  4. The conference language is English. All submissions and presentation slides shall be in English language.
  5. Full papers, to accepted submissions, to the 17th iCC, are published in the conference proceedings, and made publically available.
  6. The presentation slides are available for download, for all attendees of the 17th iCC.
  7. CiA GmbH is recording the presentations. The generated material will be provided online. By submitting a paper, you accept being recorded during your presentation at 17th iCC, and that CiA makes the material publically available online.
  8. At 17th iCC, the speaker of a presentation shall have deep expertise in the subject and good public presentation skills. The acceptance of a submission is linked to the speaker, as well. The organizer shall be informed immediately, in case the speaker is changed.

Important deadlines

  1. Abstract submission: September 16, 2019
  2. Notification of authors: September 25, 2019
  3. Full paper submission: January 08, 2020
  4. Final presentation submission: March 10, 2020
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Program committee


Take the opportunity and present your company as sponsor to an interested audience at iCC. CiA invites you to act as a sponsor at the 17th international CAN Conference 2020, in Baden-Baden.

The sponsoring companies appear in all conference materials, get free access to the conference and can take part in the tabletop exhibition free of charge. Additionally, sponsoring companies take part in the program committee.

For details regarding sponsorship, please contact CiA office:
Phone: +49-911-928819-22
email: conferences(at)can-cia.org

Download the iCC sponsorship order form.

Tabletop exhibition

CiA invites you to take part at the tabletop exhibition. Take the opportunity and discuss your latest developments and solutions in the application field of CAN devices, software, semiconductors, and tools, with long-standing experts in CAN-based networking.

Tabletop exhibitions complete the technical content of the speeches at conferences with the shown products. They are the place for meeting international experts, discussing new projects, exchanging experiences. From the beginning the CAN community used the iCC tabletop exhibition as the opportunity for networking.

For details regarding sponsorship, please contact CiA office:
Phone: +49-911-928819-22
email: conferences(at)can-cia.org

Download the iCC tabletop exhibition order form.


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Kongresshaus Baden-Baden • Augustaplatz 10 • 76530 Baden-Baden

Registration: Start early October 2019.

Accommodation: In case you need an accommodation near the conference, please consider that CiA has assisted you by making a reservation in several hotels. An overview of those hotels and the possibility to place your booking is provided here. The reservation expires February 14, 2020.

Previous iCCs

During the last few years a shift of focus has taken place from theoretical to practical and application-oriented. This is true for the speakers as well as for the visitors. Since 2012 another important topic has been added with CAN FD. However, speeches cover practical subjects, such as tools that tremendously simplify the integration of CAN into an application. Papers covering system design, testing, safety and security, or CANopen and CANopen FD as well are discussed vividly among the participants.