CAN technology day

CiA has scheduled a CAN technology day in Krakow (Poland). The event is intended to discuss latest trends and developments in CAN-based networking as... Read more

The COB-ID is not the CAN-ID

Often the term “COB-ID” is used synonymously with “CAN-ID”. But the COB-IDs are structured 32-bit parameters in the CANopen object dictionary... Read more

CANopen foot-pedal profile

CiA 401-2 specifies joysticks and mentions that foot-pedals can be regarded as 1D-joysticks. But no detailed and clear PDO specification is provided.... Read more

New CAN XL task force

The Special Interest Group CAN XL is going to establish a task force (TF) on higher-layer functions. Interested parties may indicate their interest by... Read more