Using the same message format for CANopen and J1939

There are many CANopen profile specifications available. Some of them could be used for J1939 communication, as well.

Several CiA members requested from CiA office to initiate a discussion how to adapt PDO (CANopen) specifications of sensors to J1939 parameter groups (PG). This would improve the interoperability of J1939 sensors. Especially, encoders and inclinometers are in the scope of this specification initiative. CiA office will schedule a virtual meeting to discuss this issue. It is intended to submit to the SAE J1939 committee PG proposals compliant to the PDOs as specified in CiA 406 respectively CiA 410. Other J1939-connectable sensors may be standardized, too. Candidates are pressure and force sensors. An open question is the need of a standardized configurability of such J1939 sensors.

If you are interested please write an email to secretary(at), in order to be invited to a first virtual meeting discussing this topic.