SIG electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

The CiA SIG (special interest group) EMC has started to develop the CiA 120 document, which specifies the EMC evaluation of CAN SIC and CAN XL SIC transceivers.

When the CiA 120 document is mature, it is planned to submit it to IEC for international standardization in the IEC 62228 series. The EMC evaluation specification is suitable for CAN SIC transceivers compliant to the CiA 601-4 document. Additionally, it is applicable for CAN XL SIC transceivers as specified in CiA 610-3, which is still under development.

The SIG EMC reports to the IG (interest group) lower layers, which also manages the SIG CAN XL and the SIG CAN FD Light. Most of the transceiver suppliers are registered SIG EMC members. Other registered experts are OEM (original equipment manufactures) and Tier1 representatives as well as independent EMC engineers.

The test and measurement for EMC evaluation are done under network condition meaning there are two devices communicating. Therefore, the CiA 120 specifies test configurations, test conditions, test signals, failure criteria, test procedures, test setups, and test boards. The document covers the emission of RF disturbances, the immunity against RF disturbances, impulses, and electrostatic discharges (ESD).for early birds. The registered attendees may access all sessions during the four half-days of the iCC 2021.