CAN FD roadshow China

In June, CiA invite you to the CAN FD roadshow in China. The events aim to bring the latest trends and developments in the CAN FD technology and the... Read more

CAN technology day

CiA has scheduled a CAN technology day in Krakow (Poland). The event is intended to discuss latest trends and developments in CAN-based networking as... Read more

The COB-ID is not the CAN-ID

Often the term “COB-ID” is used synonymously with “CAN-ID”. But the COB-IDs are structured 32-bit parameters in the CANopen object dictionary... Read more

CANopen foot-pedal profile

CiA 401-2 specifies joysticks and mentions that foot-pedals can be regarded as 1D-joysticks. But no detailed and clear PDO specification is provided.... Read more