End of the year

Soon, the 30th anniversary of CAN in Automation (CiA) is history and we will open a new page.

In June, we celebrated the CiA birthday with a two-day in-person meeting in Nuremberg, Germany. During the year, CiA members made big progress in developing the CAN XL ecosystem. Additionally, the ISO 11898-1 and ISO 11898-2 standards have been reviewed. The CAN XL protocol (CiA 610-1) and the CAN SIC XL physical media attachment (CiA 610-3) specifications have been included in these ISO standards. The new ISO 11898-2 edition is already in DIS (Draft International Standard) balloting, which ends beginning of February. The updated ISO 11898-1 document will be submitted for DIS ballot by end of this year.

CiA staff like to thank all members for their contributions to develop CiA documents. Additionally, thanks to the entire CAN community to support CiA in making CAN technology successful.

In the next year, there are more things to do regarding CAN XL related documents. Additionally, CiA plans two CAN XL technology days in Detroit and Paris. There is also a CAN XL plugfest in the pipeline, which will take place in Detroit in April 2023. Of course, also other CiA documents will be improved next year. Especially, a new version of the CiA 1301 application layer and communication layer will be released, soon.

This year was a busy one, and the next one will be busy, as well. But between the years, CiA staff is slowing down and the CiA office is closed from December 24 to January 2.

The entire CiA team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!