CAN FD bit-timing recommendations

CiA has released the CiA 601-3 document. It provides guidelines, how to set the bit-timings in CAN FD networks.

The CiA 601-3 document is in Draft Standard Proposal status. This means it will be reviewed after about one year. In the review process made experiences are considered. It comes with an Excel sheet supporting the network designer in selecting the proper bit-timing settings for the arbitration phase as well as the dataphase. The CiA Interest Group “CAN FD” has developed these recommendations. Experts from OEMs, Tier1s, and chipmakers have contributed. Additionally, the document provides some technical background information about the setting of the two bit-rates. This includes in particular the phase margin 1 and 2 calculations.

The document is available free-of-charge for all CiA members; they can download it from this website, when logged-in. Non-members can purchase it from CiA Headquarters for € 499,00 plus German VAT. For more information write to secretary(at)