Redesign of the CAN Newsletter Online

We have launched a redesign of our CAN Newsletter Online publication. We hope you will continue and enjoy reading our news and reports regarding CAN as much as you used to.

Our CAN Newsletter Online provides product news and other useful information for device and system developers. It also offers dossiers and features as well as editorial links to related articles or background information. Sponsored links to related products from the CiA Product Guide and to company profiles of CiA member companies complete this source of information.

This online publication is a unique source for CAN product- and service-related information. Because online-media does not come to the users automatically, we provide an email service called CiA’s Weekly Telegraph. If you are subscribing to it on the homepage, you get a weekly overview of all articles published In the CAN Newsletter Online. This keeps you up to date.

Back to the re-launch: We hope you will get used to the new layout and enjoy reading. If you want the we report about your products and services regarding CAN in our magazine, just contact pr(at) The editors also appreciate, if you put them on the press release mailing list.