Interest Group (IG) J1939

CAN in Automation (CiA) has inaugurated the IG J1939. The IG’s scope is to support J1939-related standardization by means of commenting documents and of submitting feature requests.

The elected chairperson of the IG J1939 is XYZ. The first task is to collect all J1939-based specifications and recommendations. These documents developed and maintained by different standardization bodies (e.g. SAE, ISO, IEC, and DIN) should use a harmonized terminology, especially with those given in ISO 11898 and ISO 16845 series.

Besides supporting other standardization bodies, the IG J1939 will submit feature requests to these standardization bodies. Additionally, it is planned to provide application notes and other documents helping design engineers to develop J1939-based devices and network systems.

The following documents are based on the SAE J1939-21 application layer:

  • SAE J1939 series (in-vehicle networks for trucks and buses)
  • ISO 11783 series (also known as Isobus)
  • IEC 61162-3 (also known as Nema 2000)
  • DIN 4630 (commercial truck body application network)
  • ISO 16844 series (commercial truck tachograph)
  • ISO 26021 series (pyrotechnical equipment in passenger cars)
  • FMS specification (fleet management system for commercial road vehicles)
  • Etc.

CiA staff participates on behalf of the CiA members in many of these standardization bodies. In order to overcome to represent just single member interests, CiA has established the IG J1939. This means, CiA members have the opportunity to discuss jointly new feature requests and present them in the appropriate standardization body.

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