CiA IO-Link gateway specification

The CiA 463 device profile series specifies an IO-Link gateway to CANopen and CANopen FD.

Gateways are devices, which take the payload data from network technology to another communication system. This is like in the logistics business: Offload the goods that are transported on a ship, for example, and stow them on trucks, or the other way around. If the load case is not standardized, unboxing and repacking could be required. The IO-Link gateway profile specification comprises three parts:
  • CiA 463-B: Functional behavior and parameters
    This part specifies the operating principles and the application data for IO-Link interface devices. This includes the functional behavior and general specifications of the application parameters.
  • CiA 463-C: CANopen mapping
    This part specifies the mapping of the IO-Link gateways to CANopen. This includes the specifications of the classic physical layer, Classical CAN data link layer, and the Classic CANopen communication objects.
  • CiA 463-F: CANopen FD mapping
    This part specifies the mapping of the IO-Link gateways to CANopen FD. This includes the specifications of the CAN FD physical layer, the CAN FD data link layer, and the CANopen FD communication objects.
The modular structure of the profile specification is applicable for all kinds of devices such as: gateways, extendable bus coupler with an internal backbone (e.g. sliced I/Os), multi-axis servo drives (physical modules) with each axis having independent operation modes (logic modules), etc. The documents are currently in Draft Standard Proposal (DSP) status and are only accessible by CiA members. It is intended to move them to Drafts Standard (DS) status, when first implementations have proved the maturity of them.