CAN-related standards under review

CiA staff represents CiA members in standardization bodies such as IEC and ISO, DIN and SAE as well as other associations.

CiA is highly committed to support international standardization. CiA headquarters spend a lot of effort to represent its members in international and national standardization bodies. Normally, standards are reviewed periodically. This is a chance to add new functionalities, to improve the documents, and to correct known failures.

Currently, IEC is reviewing the IEC 61800-7-201/301 documents, which specifies the CiA 402 drive and motion control profile specifications for classic CANopen as specified in EN 50325-4 or CiA 301.

In ISO, the ISO 26021 series for pyrotechnical devices in passenger cars is under review. Additionally, the same working group under the chairmanship of Holger Zeltwanger is updating the ISO 11992 parts 2 (brake and running gear profile) and 4 (diagnostics). This series specifies the J1939-based communication between truck and trailers. It is mandatory for Europe and regulated by ECE 13.

The SAE J1939 committee meets quarterly to update the CAN-based higher-layer protocols and profiles for commercial vehicles. All J1939 documents are reviewed periodically. Especially, the SAE J1939DA digital annex is updated quarterly. It contains the specification of Parameter Groups (PG) and Suspect Parameters (SP). The CiA Interest Group (IG) J1939 submits proposals and comments on J1939 documents.

ISO specifies also the communication between agriculture tractor and implements. In the ISO 11783 series, this CAN- and J1939-based communication is internationally standardized. In ISO 22172-2, the CAN-based repair and maintenance information for vehicle on-board diagnostics is specified. This document is currently in DIS (Draft International Standard) ballot.

Of course, there are more standards and specifications, which are observed and supported by CiA headquarters. If you have any question on CAN-related standards and specifications, you may contact CiA by email: standard(at)