CiA calls for comments

Several CiA documents are under systematic review. This means members and non-members may submit comments and new feature requests.

The CiA interest group profiles manages several documents, which are under revision. For three of them there are already comments received, which need to be resolved. These documents are:

  • CiA 414-1 (profile for weaving machine add-on devices)
  • CiA 434-1 (application profile for laboratory automation)
  • CiA 437-2 (application profile for grid-based photovoltaic systems

CiA calls for additional comments. New feature requests are welcome, too. The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2021.

CiA will schedule online meetings to observe and to discuss the submissions as well as to resolve the pending comments.

Within the next weeks and months, additional documents will be systematically reviewed. The CiA office or the responsible CiA technical group initiates such systematic reviews. In the systematic review process, all pending comments and newly submitted comments are resolved. Additionally, inclusive language is adapted. New feature requests are discussed, as well.

CiA is committed to high-quality documents meaning that double-specifications are avoided, consist terminology is used, and the look-and-feel complies with ISO/IEC as well as CiA’s editing rules. This also includes a clear indication of requirements (indicated by “shall”), recommendations (“should”), permissions (“may”), and capabilities or possibilities (“can”). CiA improves periodically its documents by means of systematic revisions. Whenever, members and non-members have comments, they should use the Word-based comment form to simplify the comment evaluation process. If you have a question, to any CiA document, you may contact us by email.