CAN Newsletter Online

This online publication is a unique source for CAN product- and service-related information. It is accompanied by the CiA Product Guides.

Since June 1992, CiA publishes the CAN Newsletter quarterly. The first 23 years, the magazine contained product news, reports, features, and technical in-depth articles. It was available in hardcopy, printed on paper. About ten years ago, subscribers – in particular, the younger ones – requested to publish the magazine in PDF format. We did so and still provided the paper format, but additionally the electronic format. When there were more subscribers for the PDF than for the printed magazine, we decided to stop printing it. This was also the trigger to split the magazine: The CAN Newsletter Online was born. This online magazine overcomes the three-month worst-case delay in reporting about new products. Now we can do it immediately – just depending on our daily workload.

In 2012, the CAN Newsletter Online launched reports on product and service news. In order to keep the visitors updated, we send CiA’s Weekly Telegraph by email to its subscribers informing about all updates in the CAN Newsletter Online, the CAN Newsletter magazine (PDF), and the CiA Product Guides. The CiA Product Guides provide information about generic CAN, CANopen, and J1939 products in standardized format. Of course, the CiA Product Guides are highly integrated into the CAN Newsletter Online.

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