CANopen Lift: CiA 417 state-of-the-art in Germany

The CANopen Lift application profile has penetrated the German elevator market and is now gaining acceptance in other European countries. At the Interlift 2017 more than 40 companies exhibited CiA 417 compliant controllers and units.

CiA 417 introduced more than ten years ago is the only open network approach for elevators. Also known as CANopen Lift, this application profile enables interoperable and easy to exchange devices. At the Interlift tradeshow in Augsburg (Germany), several suppliers showed for the first time CiA 417 compliant products. The CAN Newsletter Online reported about some of them. Many Interlift exhibitors indicated the support by means of the CANopen Lift logo at their stands and on their products.

The interoperability of CANopen Lift devices is tested in so-called plugfests. CiA organizes these events for its members two times a year. Next plugfest will take place in April 2018. It is scheduled in conjunction with the CANopen SIG (Special Interest Group) meeting. In this meeting CiA 417 functional extensions will be discussed.

“The Interlift 2017 verified that CANopen Lift is going to become the open network technology for elevators in Europe,” said Holger Zeltwanger, CiA Managing Director. “There were a lot of enquiries also from the Near and Far East.” The suppliers are already coming from all parts of the world, although the majority is still headquartered in Central Europe. CANopen Lift controller hardware and software is also as open source available.

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