Car-add on devices

The CiA 447 CANopen profile has been submitted to ISO for international standardization as new work item proposal.

Daimler, General Motors/Opel, and the VW Group have developed with suppliers and customers the CANopen application profile for car add-on devices. The carmakers intend to use it in Taxis, police cars, ambulances, and other special-purpose vehicles. CiA 447 compliant devices are already used in taxis in different countries as well as some German and British police cars. The gateway to the in-vehicle networks provides an OEM-specific firewall. Since a couple of years, several automotive suppliers offer products compliant to CiA 447. This includes taximeter, printers, credit card readers, and police-specific equipment. The profile specification has four parts. Not all parts will be submitted for international standardization. The part specifying the process data and the configuration parameters is yet submitted. The general framework including the start procedure with the optional automatic node-ID assignment by the gateway device is in the proposed new work item proposal. Interested parties, who like to support this new work item proposal, are kindly requested to contact their national standardization body in order to vote positively. The deadline is mid of September. The national standardization organization needs to the ISO TC22 committee, which is responsible for this new work item proposal. If you have any question or need some help, please contact CiA office (secretary(at)