CiA educational training in 2019

In addition to the well-known seminars on CAN for newcomers and CANopen for beginners, CiA offers in 2019 for the first time dedicated CAN FD and CANopen FD seminars.

The CANopen FD seminars are free-of-charge for CiA members. The trainers explain in detail the CANopen FD protocol as specified in CiA 1301. Attendees get familiar with the embedded network design options provided by CANopen FD. Additionally, they learn that most of already available Classic CANopen knowledge is applicable in CANopen FD networking, as well.

CiA continues to provide CAN- and CANopen-related seminars and webinars. The dates are already scheduled.

The new CAN FD seminar addresses attendees with some basic knowledge in Classical CAN. Part of the content is also design recommendations for devices and networks as well as standardization aspects. The trainers also provide an outlook to future developments.

As usual, CiA provides also some very specific seminars. Next year, one CANopen subsea (CiA 443) and one CANopen safety seminar have been scheduled. Further seminars will be organized, if there is sufficient interest.

Besides the regular seminars, CiA offers the possibility of tailored seminars, so-called in-house seminars. The content of such events are highly customized. Customers may also invite their customers or business partners to get trained in CAN technology.

Last but not least, CiA has scheduled webinars with different agendas. These 1,5-hours on-line events are intended for CAN users and decision makers. They provide general information about latest trends and further developments in CAN-based networking. The CiA webinars are offered with starting times that allow interested people to attend from all over the world. Therefore these webinars are another good opportunity to get in direct contact with CiA engineers.

CiA is looking forward to welcome your in one of CiA’s educational trainings. The list of scheduled seminars and webinars is online.