CiA glossary of terms

CiA provides a glossary of terms comprising definitions used in more than two CiA documents.

In order to avoid double-definitions, CiA specifications and CiA technical reports refer to the CiA glossary of terms. The given definitions comply with ISO and IEC directives. Additionally, CiA provides the CANdictionary with description of terms.

The CiA technical committee (TC) maintains the CiA glossary of terms. CiA interest groups (IG) and CiA special interest groups (SIG) submit the terms and definitions. The TC double-checks the submitted definitions on consistency and meeting the inclusive language rules.

“Proper definitions improve the quality of documents,” said Holger Zeltwanger, CiA Managing Director. “For the understandability of specifications and technical reports it is important that terms are used consistently. The use of synonyms or – even worse – the use of the same term for two things increases the possibility of misunderstandings and misinterpretations.”

The CiA glossary of terms will be enlarged continuously. The next step is to include new CAN XL terms, which the SIG CAN XL is just preparing. The TC also will update the CiA glossary of terms regarding the usage of inclusive language. Main issue is, to avoid the term “slave”.

Comments to the already existing definitions are welcome. Please send them to CiA office.