CiA Interest Group (IG) “CAN FD” calls for experts

In the last meeting of the IG “CAN FD”, the experts decided to move the work on the documents of the CiA 601 series to task forces (TF).

The following TFs have been established:

  • TF “ringing suppression”: It will develop the 2nd version of the CiA 601-4 document specifying the requirements for ringing suppression circuitry.
  • TF “bit-timing”: It will finalize the CiA 601-3 document providing guidelines and recommendations for CAN FD bit-timing settings. Additionally, it will develop some generic CAN FD bit-timing settings for open network approaches such as CANopen.
  • TF “CAN FD cable”: In the first step it will specify cable parameters and how to measure them. This work has been started already by some OEMs and will be continued by CiA. A first meeting is scheduled on September 11, 2017.
  • TF “common mode choke”: It will recommend the usage of common mode chokes in CAN FD networks. In particular, the impacts on EMC will be considered. A first meeting is scheduled on September 12, 2017.

If you are interested in participating one or more of the above listed TFs, please contact CiA office (secretary(at) to get more information and meeting details.