CiA plugfests

Plugfests are a kind of interoperability testing. Companies connect their prototype products and in order to test the interoperability to other devices.

CiA organizes for its members so-called plugfests. In order to avoid misunderstandings, these are no conformance tests. Conformance testing proofs the compliancy to specifications and standards. This is like spellchecking. In a first glance, interoperability doesn’t care on conformity. Nevertheless, conformity increases the probability of interoperability, but it does not guarantee it.

The CANopen SIG (Special Interest Group) scheduled regularly plugfests, one in spring and one in autumn. In the last years, CiA has also scheduled several CAN FD plugfests. The CANopen SIG for special-purpose car add-on devices is also going to organize a plugfest.

The next plugfests already scheduled include:
  • April 25: CANopen Lift plugfest
  • May 17/18: CiA 447 plugfest
Further plugfests are in the pipline. CAN FD is onetime more a topic. But also other devices (e.g. CANopen FD) may be tested on interoperability. For more information please contact Oskar Kaplun (service(at)