IG CANopen FD established

As decided by the CiA Technical Committee, the IG CANopen FD was established.

In a two-day meeting, CiA members discussed several topics on CANopen FD related documents and how to organize future specification work. Of course, some pending comments on the current CiA 1301 CANopen FD application layer was discussed, too. The experts elected Dr. Martin Merkel from HMS as chairman.

  • IG CANopen FD is going to establish the listed Special Interest Groups (SIG):
  • SIG FD Layer Setting Services (LSS)
  • SIG FD device description
  • SIG FD testing
  • SIG FD add-on functions

These SIGs will be inaugurated in online meetings within the next weeks. The IG made some strategic decisions on CiA 1305 (LSS for CANopen FD), CiA 1311 (XML for CANopen FD), and CiA 1310-1 (CANopen FD conformance test plan). For example, it was decided to be compliant with the XML schema as defined in ISO 15745-2. Work drafts of these documents need to be updated by CiA office and distributed for comments before end of the year.

Additionally, a task force (TF) for physical layer recommendations will be established. In particular, it should develop additional bit-timing settings for CAN controllers with a 40-MHz clock.

The IG experts agreed also on an interim CANopen FD conformance test procedure until the CiA 1310-1 conformance test plan is released. This gives device manufacturers the opportunity, to call to launch CANopen FD products, because conformance testing by CiA is mandatory.