CiA specifications under review

CiA documents are reviewed systematically, not just on demand. This is done to improve them regarding understandability and other editorial issues.

CiA improves its specification. New feature requests are discussed within the technical groups and task forces. Also non-members are invited to submit comments – editorial, general, and technical comments. CiA is committed to provide high-quality specifications and recommendations also regarding understandability and clear terminology. This reduces the chance of misinterpretations.

Currently, the CiA 418 and CiA 419 profile specifications for batteries and chargers are under systematic review. Other documents to be reviewed systematically includes:
  • CiA 404 (profiles for closed-loop controllers and measuring devices)
  • CiA 408 (profile for fluid power device)
  • CiA 414 (profiles for truck gateway devices)
  • CiA 416 (application profile for door and gate control)
  • CiA 443 (profile for subsea devices)
  • CiA 452 (profile for PLCopen motion control)
  • CiA 453 (profile for programmable power supply devices)
  • CiA 459 (profiles for on-board weighing devices)
  • CiA 461 (profiles for weighing devices)
  • CiA 814-1 (CANopen Lift boot-loader)
Additionally, the SIG rail vehicles will be re-awaked in order to review all CiA application profiles dedicated to rolling stock usage. Please use the CiA comment form to submit your comments and send them to secretary(at)