CWT and CIM merged

In 2020, CiA merged its CWT (CiA’s Weekly Telegraph) and CIM (CAN Info Mail) email services.

The monthly CIM integrates the CWT. The last CWT was sent on December 19. What does it mean for the CWT subscriber: You receive automatically the CIM instead of the CWT. The benefit is, that you get less emails from CiA, but the tradeoff is the delay in receiving the links to articles published in the CAN Newsletter (Online). What does it mean for the CIM subscriber: You get additionally information on articles in the CiA publications.

The first CIM with integrated CWT was sent by the beginning of January 2020. Additionally, CiA office provides the monthly CMN (CiA Member News) email service. This is exclusively for members. It contains information about the CiA community including all internal meeting dates, etc.

If you do not like to receive the new CIM with the integrated CWT, please just send an email to mail(at) and we will delete you from the mailing list. Of course, you can also subscribe to the email service provided by CiA. Just send an email to the same address.