MSV exhibition in Brno

At the MSV exhibition in Brno (CZ) on October 08 from 10:00 am to 10:30 am, CiA informs in a presentation about the future of CAN-based networking.

CiA 406 corrected

The detected minor errors in CiA 406 version 4.1.0 (CANopen encoder profile) regarding PDO mapping parameters have been corrected. The corrected Draft Standard Proposal (DSP) document is available for members only.

CAN technology day in Tokyo

CiA organizes jointly with Jaspar (Japan) the CAN technology day in Tokyo (Japan). It will take place on October 28, 2019. The one-day event provides information about CAN technology trends and standardization activities.

SIG generic I/O modules

The CiA 401 profile is under review. It will be split into a part specifying the process data as well as the configuration parameters and parts standardizing the mapping to CANopen and to CANopen FD. More details: secretary(at)

CiA glossary of terms

The Technical Committee (TC) maintains the CiA glossary of terms. The listed definitions are used in CiA specifications.

IG profiles starts review process

The IG profiles manages several CiA profile specifications. Some of them need to be reviewed, because there are pending comments. The review process will start soon.

CANopen and eCl@ss

IG profiles will organize a workshop about eCl@ass. This is a cross-industry product-data standard for the classification and unique description of products and services. If interested please contact secetary(at)

CAN XL commitment

Bosch has launched a CAN XL web page, in order to indicate its commitment to the next generation of CAN technology. The CiA Special Interest Group CAN XL and its Task Forces for physical layer and higher-layer develop the specifications.

New CiA 601-4 version released

The CiA 601-4 version 2.0.0 specifies the so-called SIC (signal improvement capability) transceivers. It is incompatible with version 1.0 and describes two SIC concepts and the EMC testing.

CiA 306 series updated

The CANopen EDS/DCF specification (part 1) has been updated regarding CANopen Safety (EN 50325-4). The CANopen Object Data Base (CODB) specification (part 2) has been improved, too. The third part supports now reference designators.