CAN connector recommendation updated

The updated CiA 106 technical report recommends the pin-assignment for CAN connectors. It includes corrected names for three 5-pin connectors: 7/8-inch connector, M12 connector, and M8 connector. Four connectors for aerospace applications have been added.

CiA code of ethics and conduct

The CiA board of directors has released a code of ethics and conducts. It states what is obvious: CiA is associated with fairness, integrity, and impartiality. The released code provides some details and recommendations how this is achieved.

Address Claim Hunter attack

The CAN Newsletter magazine has published an article explaining a security vulnerability when using the J1939 address claiming function. It provides also measures against such cyberattacks.

Sponsoring and exhibiting

CiA is looking for companies sponsoring the 18th international CAN Conference, which will take place in Baden-Baden (Germany) on May 14 and 15, 2024. The conference is accompanied by a tabletop exhibition.

SIG welding devices founded

CiA has inaugurated the special interest group (SIG) welding devices. The SIG aims to develop an application profile for advanced manual arc welding and plasma cutting systems. The profile should enable plug-and-play functionality for basic setups. The resulting system should provide contradiction-free data to the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) and facilitate regulatory compliance and protection of the worker’s health. For more information, contact secretary(at)

New SAE J1939DA edition

Beginning of May, SAE has released an update of the J1939DA Excel sheet. It is intended to supplement the J1939 documents by offering the J1939 information in a form that can be sorted and searched for easier use.

SIG welding devices

CiA is going to inaugurate the SIG (special interest group) welding devices on June 1. It is intended to specify the CANopen application profile for welding machines and welding robots. For more information, contact CiA office.

21th CANopen Lift plugfest took place

In May, CiA members tested their CANopen Lift devices. The lift host controller companies tested interoperability of their host controllers with lift devices from different manufacturers in one-to-one sessions.

CiA 103 updated

The CiA specification for intrinsically safe CAN device interfaces has been released as version 1.1.0. The document has been editorially improved including one misleading figure.

CiA at 14th Autosar Open Conference

On the first day of the Autosar Open Conference (AOC) in San Diego (USA), Holger Zeltwanger is going to give a presentation with the topic “Harmonization of models and terminology for CAN technologies”. The two-day event takes place on May 11 and 12, 2023.