CiA webinars

The 60-min webinars are given in English, Chinese, and Russian language. They provide overviews on different topics. Participation is free-of-charge.

CiA technology days

The 3-hour online technology days report about CiA technical developments and their applications. They address technical managers and decision makers to get a technology update.

DIN 4630-E

The Beuth publishing house has released the DIN standard proposal on data parameter specification for body application units (BAU) in commercial vehicles. The German pre-standard is written in English.

CiA Member News

The monthly-distributed CiA Member News (CMN) email contains additional information about CAN-related themes. This service is limited to CiA members. Login and subscribe here.

CiA webinars

CiA has scheduled its 2021 webinars. For details see the CiA activities list on the left. The first webinar on February 2 provides information about the CANopen Lift profile (CiA 417 series).

CAN Info Mail

As in the last year, CiA sends monthly the CAN Info Mail (CIM) email informing the CAN community about its activities and other interesting news about CAN-related topics. Subscribe here.

Happy New Year

The CiA staff is partly back in office, but most of us are still working remotely from home. Nevertheless, the CiA office is full operational.

Commander and responder

CiA and SAE have agreed to use “commander” and “responder” instead of “master” respectively ”slave” in combination with “network”, “device”, and “node”. Both organizations are committed to use inclusive language in their specifications.

DIN reviews 14700-1

DIN, the German standardization body, reviews the DIN 14700-1 (FireCAN) standard regarding the usage of COB-IDs. The standard is based on CANopen with some changes. It is intended for firefighting-specific add-on devices. More than 10 different devices are standardized.

731 CiA members

The nonprofit association has now 731 members. About 400 provide devices, some 200 supply sub-systems, and about 80 are technology enablers.