CANopen load cells

The CiA 461 profile for weighing devices specifies the interface for load cells. Part 1 contains general definitions and part 2 specifies the parameters and PDOs. For details please contact us (secretary(at)

600 members

The 600th member is Toshiba Electronics Europe. The Japanese chipmaker rejoined CiA. Main interest is the IG “CAN FD” and CAN FD plugfests. For more information about membership please contact the CiA office (headquarters(at)

CiA 602 series

CiA prepares the next work drafts of the CiA 602 CAN FD specification for commercial vehicles. The next IG meeting is in Karlsfeld, October, 12 and 13. For details please contact CiA office (secretary(at)

CiA 601-1 released

The CiA 601-1 CAN FD physical layer recommendation is released. Non-members willing to comment the first version, can request a copy. Please send your request to secretary(at)

ISO new work item proposal

CiA members have submitted the CiA 447 CANopen profile for special-purpose car add-on devices. If you like to participate in this international standardization activity please contact us (secretary(at)

Meet us at Interlift

The Interlift tradeshow is the most important event for lift suppliers. CiA exhibits its CANopen Lift demonstrator and informs about the CiA 417 CANopen profile. For details please contact Julia Dallhammer (marketing(at)

CiA Business Committee

In its June meeting, the Business Committee decided on the naming and spelling of company names for the membership list and the CANopen vendor-ID list are no longer that strict. For details please contact the CiA office (headquarters(at)

ODX – Call for experts

CiA calls for experts interested in standardizing a mapping of ODX for CANopen networks. ODX is increasingly used in mobile machines. For details please contact Reiner Zitzmann (zitzmann(at)

Submit your press release

CiA plans to publish a printed CAN Newsletter special for the Interlift 2015. The editors wait for press release on CANopen and CAN products to be shown in Augsburg (Germany). For details please contact Cindy Weissmueller (pr(at)