CiA assigns LIN Supplier IDs on behalf of ISO

The nonprofit CAN in Automation (CiA) has been appointed by the ISO Technical Management Board (MTB) as the Registration Authority for the LIN Supplier ID standardized in the ISO 17987 series. According to ISO 17987-3, every device implementing the LIN protocol needs to provide a supplier ID.

In the past, the LIN supplier IDs were assigned by the LIN Consortium, which has been closed a couple of years ago. Those legacy IDs are not valid for LIN implementations compliant with ISO 17987-3. Of course, it is guaranteed that the legacy IDs are reserved and can be used after the re-assignment by CiA. The re-assignment includes a confirmation of the company name and the submission of a contact person. Re-assignments and new assignments can be emailed to lin(at) These assigned LIN Supplier IDs are valid for all LIN specification versions. They are published on the ISO website.