CiA® plugfests - rules and regulations

Rules and regulations define CiA’s test policy for ensuring CAN FD interoperability or CANopen interoperability.

Scope and application

The goal is to facilitate interoperability among CAN FD or CANopen devices from multiple vendors used in a specific CAN FD or CANopen application. The interoperability rules and regulations apply to all CAN FD or CANopen devices successfully tested during the corresponding plugfest.

Interoperability approval

  • The network integration and interoperability of the test devices are tested according to the test plan designed and approved by the CiA technical group who requested the plugfest.
  • Test results are confidential. CiA releases a report about the plugfest.
  • The vendor is responsible for supporting all CANopen communication services related to CANopen profile tested during the plugfest.

Interoperability approval is only valid for the tested devices.