CiA plugfest

On request, CiA organizes plugfests for its members.

The purpose of these events is to test and to improve the interoperability of CAN-FD-based and CAN-XL-based communication interfaces as well as CANopen CC and CANopen FD devices. This helps designers of components, devices, and systems to provide products compatible to CiA specifications and other standards. System designers get a better understanding of the problems occurring during component respectively device integration. The participants learn from each other, together they solve interoperability issues. They share their experiences regarding functionality of CAN interfaces, CANopen CC devices, and CAN-based networks. Last but not least, the results of plugfests are a valuable input for improving of the related CiA specifications.

CiA plugfests are for CiA members only. Plugfest participants agree to follow the plugfest rules and regulations.

CiA organizes specific plugfests according to requirements of its members.

CAN XL plugfest

CiA organizes the CAN XL plugfest series to test interoperability of CAN XL controllers (ISO 11898-1) and CAN SIC XL transceivers (ISO 11898-2). Additionally, CAN SIC FD transceivers (ISO 11898-2) are tested for interoperability, with PWM-coding is not enabled.

CANopen CC Lift plugfest

CiA organizes CANopen CC Lift plugfests on request.

These events focus on interoperability testing of the lift host controllers, sensors, and actuators implemented according to the CANopen CC application profile for lifts (CiA 417).

CiA device profile plugfest

CiA also organizes CiA profile-related plugfests on request.

These events focus on interoperability testing of devices implemented according to generic CANopen CC device profiles such as generic I/O modules (CiA 401).