15th international CAN Conference

The 15th international CAN Conference (iCC) took place at the Austria Center Vienna (Austria) on October 27 and 28, 2015. The international CAN Conference is a platform for lecturing on CAN-based research and for sharing experiences with CAN experts from related work fields.

Since many years the international CAN Conference is the platform for meeting and networking with CAN-people, for discussing future developments and showing the latest products.


Session I: Vehicle application
Chair: Holger Zeltwanger (CAN in Automation)
Oliver Hrazdera (Rosenbauer): CAN in fire-fighting trucks
Gennady Benderman (Porsche): Usage of CAN and CAN FD for high-definition headlight systems
Olaf Pfeiffer (ESAcademy): Advanced testing for highly dynamic CANopen systems such as CiA 447
Session II: Physical layer
Chair: Uwe Koppe (MicroControl)
Magnus-Maria Hell (Infineon): The physical layer in the CAN FD world
Yuki Horii, Yasuhiro Mori (Denso): Ringing suppression technology to achieve higher data rate using CAN FD
Derek Sum (Kvaser): Wireless replacement for cables in CAN networks - Pros and cons
Session III: Migration to CAN FD
Chair: Florian Hartwich (Bosch)
Orlando Esparza (Microchip): Transitioning applications from CAN to CAN FD
Tony Adamson (NXP): FD Shield: Hybridization of CAN and CAN FD networks
Kent Lennartsson (Kvaser): CAN FD filter for Classical CAN controllers
Session IV: Concepts of CAN
Chair: Oliver Hrazdera (Rosenbauer)
Gianluca Cena (CNR-IEIIT): Preventing bit stuffing in CAN
Dr. Arthur Mutter (Bosch): Advantages of CAN FD error detection mechanisms compared to classical CAN
James K. Meer (Microflight): Development of the Aviation CAN FD Standard
Session V: Higher-layer protocols
Chair: Lars-Berno Fredriksson (Kvaser)
Dr. Oliver Hartkopp (Volkswagen): Linux and ISO 15765-2 with CAN FD
Peter Decker (Vector): CAN FD with dynamic multi-PDU-to-frame mapping
Holger Zeltwanger (CAN in Automation): CAN FD for commercial vehicles - Chances and challenges
Session VI: Security
Chair: Dr. Eduard Metzker (Vector)
Amir Spivak (Beyond Security): Increasing resilience by finding unknown vulnerabilities
Andreas Müller (Bosch): Plug-and-secure communication for CAN
Thilo Schumann (CAN in Automation): Security in embedded systems
Session VII: CAN FD design
Chair: Thomas Lindenkreuz (Bosch)
Dr. Marc Schreiner (Daimler): CAN FD system design
Panagiotis Oikonomidis (University of Brighton): Modelling, simulation, and performance analysis of a CAN FD system with SAE benchmark based message set
Federico Pereira (C&S Group): An automated model based design flow for the design of robust CAN FD networks
Session VIII: CAN and IoT
Chair: Harm-Peter Krause (esd)
Heikki Saha (TK Engineering): Cloud-based CANopen system service approach
Jörgen Palmhager (HMS): Industrial IoT and CAN/CANopen