13th international CAN Conference

In 2012, CiA celebrated its 25th anniversary during the 13th iCC. It took place in the Hambach castle, Germany. This location stands for the cradle of German democracy. The hot topic of this conference was the introduction of the CAN FD data link layer.

ESD, Ixxat Automation, Janz Tec, Telemotive, and Vector Informatik sponsored the 13th iCC.


Plenary Session: Keynotes
Chairperson: M. Litschel (Vector)
H. Zeltwanger (CAN in Automation): Standardized HLPs for different purposes
H. Eisele (Opel): CAN benefits in in-vehicle networking
Session I: Energy efficiency
Chairperson: U. Kelling (Infineon)
C. Butzkamm, D. Bollati (C&S group): Partial networking for CAN bus systems: Any saved gram CO2/km is essential to meet stricter EU regulations
M. Hell (Infineon): New ways for power saving in CAN applications
J. Polfliet (ON Semiconductor): CAN contribution to energy efficiency in cars
Session II: Physical layer
Chairperson: Dr. H. Saha (Sandvik Mining and Construction)
M. Moch (C&S group): Automation of model-based signal integrity analysis
D. Wesemann (Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe): Contactless CAN interface for rail topologies
T. Waggershauser (Ixxat): New methods for the analysis of the physical layer of CAN networks and possibilities for robustness improvement
Session III: Automotive
Chairperson: F. Hartwich (Robert Bosch)
N. Navet (INRIA), H.Perrault (PSA Peugeot-Citroen): CAN in automotive applications: a look forward
T. Schumann (CAN in Automation): Standardization in automotive industry
O. Pfeiffer (ESAcademy): Access to a car's HMI with CiA 447
Session IV: Driver software
Chairperson: M. Tischer (Vector)
Dr. S. Junnila (Wapice): Design of high-performance CAN driver architecture for embedded Linux
Dr. O. Hartkopp (Volkswagen): The CAN networking subsystem of the Linux kernel
M. Kleine-Budde (Pengutronix): SocketCAN - The official CAN API of the Linux kernel
Session V: System design
Chairperson: L.-B. Fredriksson (Kvaser)
A. Williams (Warwick Control): ESCAN – An open source, high bandwidth, event scheduled Controller Area Network
M. Helminen (Tampere University of Technology): New method and a format for describing CAN network topology
D. Widmann, M. Tischer (Vector): Model based testing and hardware-in-the-loop simulation of embedded CANopen control devices
Session VI: Application I
Chairperson: H. Zeltwanger (CAN in Automation)
Dr. M. Ruff (Raytheon-Anschutz): Steering control system for vessels using CAN bus
J. Dammeyer (Automation Artisans): A large scale CAN bus system
Dr. W. Gomolka (Festo France): CAN as backbone for pneumatic and electric motion control
Session VII: IP cores
Chair: H. Zeltwanger (CAN in Automation)
R. Weiss (LogiCAN): Adaptable CAN core IP for FPGA
R. Arlt (esd): ACC, a next generation CAN controller
Dr. I. Sheikh (TTE Systems): Reducing software complexity in high-integrity CAN systems
Session VIII: Application II
Chair: H.-P. Krause (esd)
N. Soltani (CFS): Designing an online monitoring system for vehicle power electric network and its fault prediction aided by fuzzy logic
Dr. A. R. Husain, (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia): An analysis of CAN performance in active suspension control system for vehicle
J. Wachtel (Fraunhofer ISE): One CANopen application profile for mobile and stationary energy management systems
Session IX: Application III
Chair: M. Tischer (Vector)
J. Nakat (Janz Tec), S. Mark (Trepel): A panel PC instead of controls and instruments
R. Knüppel (Airbus Operations): Standardization of CAN networks for airborne use through Arinc 825
Dr. H. Saha (Sandvik Mining and Construction): Improving development efficiency and quality of distributed IEC 61131-3 applications with CANopen system design
Plenary Session: Future of CAN
Chair: A. Lockmann (Janz Tec)
F. Hartwich (Robert Bosch): CAN with flexible data-rate
H.-J. Oertel (Port): Using CAN with flexible data-rate in CANopen systems?
Session X: Drives
Chair: Ch. Schlegel (Ixxat)
Dr. H. Saha (Sandvik Mining and Construction): Commonality between hydraulic valves driven by general-purpose CANopen I/O and hydraulic CANopen drives
A. Lelkes (Gefeg-Neckar Antriebssysteme): Compact drives with CAN interface for industry applications
M. Schindelin (Moog): Report on the current status of rework on the device profile CiA 408 "Fluid power proportional valves"
Session XI: Tools and testing
Chair: Dr. H. Saha (Sandvik Mining and Construction)
A. Siegert (Agilent Technologies): Debugging of CAN busses using mixed signal oscilloscopes
Dr. T. Lorenz (ETAS): Busmaster – An open source tool
H. Webermann (esd): CAN error injection, a simple but versatile approach
Session XII: Device design
Chair: R. Hugel 
U. Kelling (Infineon): Microcontroller for industrial – ways of interconnectivity
Ch. Keydel (ESAcademy): Security aspects in CANopen bootloaders
M. Taralkar (Otis ISRC): Computation of CAN bit timing parameters simplified