CiA in-house seminars

CiA engineers train attendees in CAN and CANopen in an either technical- or marketing- oriented way. The agenda of an in-house seminar is tailored to your company’s needs. We can provide the CAN-related content in Chinese, English, German, or Russian language. It is up to the customer to arrange the audience with employees exclusively or with invited guests such as representatives from suppliers or customers.


The content of an CiA in-house seminar is tailored to your individual needs. You can choose from the topics below or any other CAN-related topic of your interest. Please contact CiA office to discuss topics and details. CiA in-house seminars may already cover CAN XL on request. As CiA trainers have long experience in CAN-based networking, it is possible at any time to deviate from the agreed agenda and to discuss CAN-related aspects of the current CAN project.

CAN application fields

  • In-vehicle networking
  • Industrial automation
  • Embedded networking
  • Other applications

CAN data link layer

  • Classical CAN protocol
  • CAN FD protocol
  • CAN XL protocol
  • Implementation options

Physical layer options

  • CAN high-speed physical layer
  • CAN SIC physical layer
  • CAN SIC XL physical layer
  • Other physical layers

Higher-layer protocols (HLPs)

  • CANopen
  • CANopen FD
  • CiA profiles
  • System/device design hints

Available languages

English, German, or Russian


  • Customized agenda - you choose the topics of your in-house seminar
  • Convenience - the seminar is held in your facilities
  • Cost effective - there are no travel or accommodation costs for you and your employees
  • Privacy - Sensitive information is kept confidential
  • Flexible seminar date - you can choose a convenient date
  • Flexible seminar duration - the seminar can be scheduled for a half-day or for one and more days
  • Customized audience - you decide whom you want to invite as well as the number of attendees

Web-based in-house seminars

Web-based in-house seminars are an option to reduce traveling costs or to enable educational trainings in times of pandemics, when face-to-face meetings are not appropriate or even not possible.

In a compact 4-hour format (including breaks), we present CAN-related topics, according to your needs. The web-based in-house seminars can be conducted at a time that suits to your local time. For details contact CiA office at: events(at)

Get your individual offer

If you are interested in a CiA in-house seminar, please feel free to contact us:

We are assisting you in getting an individual CAN-related training tailored to the needs of your company.