No. 8 - May 31, 2024

A word from the CiA Managing Director

The 18th international CAN Conference (iCC) saw about 100 participants. I was once again surprised about the high quality of presentations. The keynote speaker, Marko Moch from Cariad (belonging to the Volkswagen Group), provided a deep look into investigations how to migrate from Flexray to CAN XL (the paper is also published in the June issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine). Besides presentations, iCC attendees used the chance to discuss CAN technology topics during breaks and in the evening get-together.

Besides discussing CAN XL ecosystem developments, iCC participants exchanged experiences regarding CAN CC (classic) and CAN FD. CAN FD has not yet arrived in all CAN markets as in in-vehicle networking. In particular, non-automotive users took the opportunity to learn about CAN FD from road-vehicle experts.

Additionally, functional safety and cybersecurity were hot topics. The related standards and regulations are partly different for the automotive industry and industrial users. In some applications, these different approaches meet in the gateway between drivetrain (automotive) and body application (machine building). This means, the gateway has to fulfill on the one side the automotive safety requirements and on the other side, for example, the EU machine directive. This similarly applies to security gateways.

One day after the iCC, CiA organized a plugfest, testing CAN XL protocol controllers and SIC XL transceivers. As in previous CAN XL plugfests, most tests have been past successfully. This time, CAN XL implementations by DCD (Poland) and Peak-System (Germany) participated for the first time. NXP provided a new evaluation board for its micro-controller featuring CAN XL connectivity, too. Additionally, in a parallel session, Etas, Vector, and Volkswagen tested their implementations of the so-called CAN XL LLC fragmentation protocol as specified in the CiA 613-3 document. All functional tests were passed successfully, but some implementation issues have been detected. CiA will provide the in-detail test report to its members as it has done for legacy plugfests.

Chinese technology days

CiA office has scheduled two Chinese technology days in Shanghai (June 12) and in Guangzhou (June 14). These in-person events intend to update the Chinese CAN community about latest developments in CAN technology. This includes the CAN XL ecosystem and the CANopen FD application layer. Speakers are Reiner Zitzmann (CiA General Manager) and representatives from CiA members (Bosch, Hongke, Kvaser, NXP, Tosun, and ZLG/Guangzhou Zhiyuan Electronics). Presentations are giving in Chinese or English with summaries in Chinese.

CAN Newsletter magazine

The June issue of the CAN Newsletter is online. The cover story is about J1939 and functional safety. Travis Breitkreutz working with Caterpillar describes in detail the progress of the SAE documents J1939-76 (for CAN CC) and J1939-77 (for CAN FD). The article is based on his iCC (international CAN conference) paper. There is also a technical in-depth article about the migration from Flexray to CAN XL written by Marko Moch (Cariad). Reports about tradeshows, AI (artificial intelligence) board-level products, and micro-controllers with on-chip CAN protocol controllers complete the content covered by this issue.

Call for CiA 319 comments

The IG06 SIG01 Functional safety calls for comments on the CiA 319 document providing guidelines for the implementation and configuration of CANopen Safety (EN 50325-5) compliant devices. In the last SIG meeting, the deadline for comments was extended to July 5, 2024. The SIG meeting observing the submitted comments is scheduled for mid of July. The SIG will meet mid of September to discuss an updated version of the CANopen Safety specification, which will be submitted to the responsible European standardization body. Another topic of the SIG is the impact of cybersecurity requirements to the CANopen Safety specification. Interested parties may contact the CiA office.

SPS tradeshow returns to original date in 2025

Next year’s SPS (Smart Production Solutions) will take place in Nuremberg from November 25 to 27, 2025. Dates up to 2027 have also already been published by the fair organizer and are also at the end of November. Many CiA members participate usually this tradeshow.

After three years of postponement due to the coronavirus, the fair for smart and digital automation returns to its regular date at the end of November. This avoids date conflicts with the Agritechnica tradeshow, which is also attended by several CiA members. However, the SPS will take place in parallel with the Bauma China.

CiA website updated

It took longer than expected: The CiA website is now suitable for smartphones and tablets. Of course, the content has not changed dramatically, but the look-and-feel is different. It has been optimized to fit the size of smartphones respectively tablets. The transition is still in progress. When you detect missing content or erroneous hyperlinks, please inform CiA office. Corrections and improvements will be made as soon as possible.

Webinar about diagnostic communication with ZEV

Softing has scheduled a free-or-charge webinar on June 6, 2024. The topic is diagnostic communication with zero-emission vehicles (ZEV). This includes also a CAN-based communication option as specified in SAE J1979 series and ISO 14229- as well as ISO 15765 series. The live webinar is presented by Peter Subke, author of a German book about vehicle diagnostics.

New CiA members since the last CCN

  • Megger Sweden (SE)
  • Min-tec Industriale (IT)

CiA has 737 members (May 31, 2024)

CiA Product Guides

Renewed entries:
  • CANopen: Miunske, Trafag, Wachendorff Automation, WAGO, Walvoil, Wika
  • J1939: emotas embedded communication

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