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April 2023

A word from the CiA Managing Director

The European Parliament discusses a right-to-repair law. The right to repair is a rather vague concept that may mean different things. One topic is the right for consumers to repair products by themselves (as opposed to being required to use the supplier’s repair shops). In Europe, manufacturers are currently not required by law to provide technical information (such as manuals and service handbooks) to consumers, nor are they required to provide consumers with spare parts. Only professional repairers have a guaranteed right to access the technical information and the spare parts, and only for some products. This is going to change!

In 2019, the EU introduced the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Package (the Ecodesign Package). It requires that manufacturers of certain products must make spare parts and information suitable for non-supplier repairs available to consumers that wish to repair their product. These additional rules currently apply only to refrigeration appliances, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers. This is going to change! The new European regulation will request in general that end-users are able to repair products by themselves or can choose independent repairs. This can lead to reduction of repair costs and can prolong the lifetime of products, which can reduce the ecological footprint of products.

Standardized CAN-based diagnostic interfaces can help to support the above-mentioned right-to-repair regulation. Additionally, such interfaces can be used to proof the efficiency of the product. A typical example is the heat pump. Another is a welding machine including welding robots. Of course, such interfaces would benefit from an embedded CAN-based network, because this reduces the implementation effort for connecting devices (such as bridges, routers, or gateways).

CiA is ready supporting the European right-to-repair legislation! This is, why CiA is willing to support the standardization of diagnostic interfaces. The CAN community has done this for road vehicles (ISO 14229 series and ISO 15765 series). I am a member of the related ISO working group, which extends these standards and CiA is going to propose the migration to CAN XL. Similar diagnostic approaches for other industries will be developed within CiA on request. If you are interested, please contact me and we will organize related online meetings to start such interface developments. Do not wait until legislation requires this. Be ahead, design and shape the future!

CAN XL: Proof of concept

Daimler Buses, the business unit of the CiA member Daimler Truck, has substituted in a research project a CAN FD network by a CAN XL network connecting four ECUs (electronic control units). Additionally, a video camera has been linked to the CAN XL network. Some details have been published in the CAN Newsletter Online.

Embedded World 2023 tradeshow

The tradeshow and conference are over. Almost 27000 visitors came to Nuremberg, Germany. There were two CAN XL demonstrators by NXP and Vector on the CiA booth. A third CAN XL demonstrator was on the Bosch stand. All three gained high interest not just from the automotive industry. The 3rd CAN protocol generation features data fields up to 2048 byte and a dataphase bit rate of up to 20 Mbit/s. The March issue of the CAN Newsletter provides several articles about CAN XL. On the CiA booth, there were also some requests regarding classic CANopen to control electronically doors and windows.

SAE WCX World Congress on April 18 to 20

WCX (World Congress Experience) in Detroit (MI, USA) is a technical event informing the global mobility community about latest regulatory standards and emerging technologies. Thilo Schumann, an experienced engineer from CAN in Automation, is available for CAN-related discussions on the CiA stand 306. On April 20, he is going to give a presentation about CAN XL networking physical layer options and higher-layer protocols. To present CAN XL at work, a CAN XL demonstrator from NXP will be shown on the booth.

CiA is looking forward to meet you at the congress! If you would like to make an appointment in advance, please contact exhibition(at)

CAN XL technology day in Troy

On April 26, CiA has scheduled the CAN XL technology day. The one-day event in Troy (Michigan) provides detailed presentations on the entire CAN XL ecosystem from the physical layer to the optional CANsec protocol. Additionally, several CAN XL demonstrators (by Aptiv, Bosch, NXP, and Vector) show different applications. It is a unique opportunity to discuss CAN XL with pioneers of the 3rd CAN protocol generation.

CiA workshop: Commercial vehicle body applications

Holger Zeltwanger is actively working in different international standardization bodies specifying CAN-based communication between body applications in commercial vehicles. In a free-of-charge workshop on May 4, 2023 (13:00 to 15:00, UTC+2) CiA intends to show the ongoing standardization activities and to discuss additional requirements of commercial vehicle body builders.

Please contact secretary(at), if you are interested in participation. Non-members may attend the workshop on request.

CiA workshop results: CAN in satellites

The well-attended workshop beginning of March offered several presentations. Participants shown interest in CAN FD and CAN XL. Radiation-tolerant CAN FD controllers are already available, but related CAN SIC (signal improvement capability) transceivers are missing. In addition, there is no recommended implementation guideline for the CANopen FD (CiA 1301) application layer available. Here, CiA members can download the minutes and presentation slides of the workshop.

To address the missing issues and collect further requirements, CiA will schedule a next CAN-in-satellite workshop with more details about CANopen FD. Interested parties can pre-register at secretary(at)

Time to book a place on CiA’s panel walls

In fall 2023, CiA is present with a booth on the Interlift (hall 3, stand 3111) and SPS (hall 5, stand 410) trade fairs. Members have the opportunity to show their CAN products on the CiA’s panel walls. If you are interested, please contact exhibition(at)

June issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine is released

The March issue was well distributed at the Embedded World 2023. The included articles ‘CAN XL ecosystem and product availability’, ‘CAN SIC XL proof-of-concept transceiver’, ‘SIC or SIC XL – this is not the question’, ‘The automotive industry is waiting for CAN XL’, and ‘CAN XL as backbone for body application’ comprehensively inform the reader about current CAN XL developments.

Other topics deal with CAN tools for setup and operation, diagnostic simulation on CAN FD, and virtual commissioning for industrial machines. Two further articles describe implementation requirements for secured gateways as well as the choosing criteria and usage of telematic gateways. The standards and specifications section briefly informs about the latest standardization activities.

The articles can be downloaded individually or you can download the entire magazine.

CAN Newsletter Online

Embedded World 2023: CAN XL demonstrators and CAN-connectable products

This year over 950 exhibitors from 44 countries showed their products at the Embedded World 2023 tradeshow in Nuremberg, Germany. In one of the conference sessions, CiA provided information on CAN XL and CAN FD.


New CiA members since the last CAN Info Mail (CIM)

  • Alexander Binzel Schweisstechnik (DE)
  • Meraki Integrated Circuit (Shenzhen) Technology (CN)
  • Prodigy Technovations (IN)
  • Shanghai Tosun Technology (CN)
  • Suzhou Shenen Electronic Technology (CN)
  • Tektronix (USA)
  • Vitestro (NL)

CiA has 752 members (March 31, 2023)

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