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May 2023

A word from the CiA Managing Director

CiA has established many technical groups developing specifications and technical reports. There are Interest Groups (IG), which may set up Special Interest Groups (SIG). Any group may initiate Task Forces (TF), which are of temporary nature for dedicated tasks. TFs do not release documents. All IGs report to the Technical Committee, which coordinates the scopes and work items. The SIGs report to the IG, which has established it.

The scopes of these groups are available on the CiA website. Recently, CiA has introduced internally a numbering schema for these groups in addition to the group names (describing the topic and the purpose). There are some technical groups (Italic font) in dormant state (currently not active), but can be waked up on request.

TC Technical committee
TC TF01 Generic bootloader
TC TF02 Modeling
IG01 CANopen
IG01 SIG01 Application layer
IG01 SIG02 Programmable devices
IG01 SIG03 Internet of things
IG02 CANopen FD
IG02 SIG01 Device description
IG02 SIG03 Testing
IG03 Profiles
IG03 SIG01 Generic I/O devices
IG03 SIG02 Drives and motion control
IG03 SIG03 Encoder and inclinometers
IG03 SIG04 Measuring devices (and closed-loop controllers)
IG03 SIG05 Fluid power (hydraulic and pneumatic devices)
IG03 SIG06 Lift control
IG03 SIG07 Building door control
IG03 SIG08 Contrast media injector (for medical devices)
IG03 SIG09 Truck gateway (for body builders)
IG03 SIG10 Fire-fighting
IG03 SIG11 Municipal vehicles (especially refuse collecting vehicles)
IG03 SIG12 Power supply
IG03 SIG13 Rail vehicles
IG03 SIG14 Special-car add-on devices (e.g. for police cars, caps, and ambulances)
IG03 SIG15 Subsea (e.g. so-called Christmas trees)
IG03 SIG16 Energy management systems (e.g. for light electric vehicles)
IG03 SIG17 Weighing devices and systems (on-board and off-board)
IG03 SIG18 IO-Link (gateway)
IG04 CAN lower layers
IG04 SIG01 TF01 CAN XL physical layer
IG04 SIG01 TF02   CAN XL higher-layer protocols
IG04 SIG01 TF03 CAN XL security
IG04 SIG01 TF04 CAN XL simulation
IG04 SIG02 CAN FD Light
IG04 SIG03 EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)
IG04 SIG04 Long networks
IG05 J1939 (based protocols and profiles)
IG06 (Functional) Safety and security
IG07 High availability

If you are interested in one of these groups and like to participate, please contact CiA office. Members can register for all groups. Non-members may participate as guests on request, in order to get more information to decide, if a permanent participation is useful. Permanent participation requires a CiA membership. Nobody should buy a pig in a poke.

CAN Newsletter Online

Hannover Messe 2023: Impression of CANopen products at the exhibition

From April 17 to April 21, the Hannover Messe 2023 took place. More than 4000 exhibitors presented their solutions for a digital, connected, sustainable industry, welcoming 130 000 visitors at the industrial trade fair. As always, CANopen was part of it.

CAN and cybersecurity webinar

On May 16, CiA’s free-of-charge webinar regarding CAN and cybersecurity takes place (16:00 to 17:00 UTC+2). The 1-hour webinar (including 15 minutes of discussion, question, and answer) covers the first ideas of protocols in the different ISO layers, giving participants an overview of how to safeguard their network from potential threats.

CAN XL technology day in Paris

The CiA technology day takes place on June 22 and focuses on CAN XL. During this one-day onsite event the speakers discuss all relevant CAN XL topics such as technical details, implementations, availability, and addressed markets. Additionally, they provide an outlook to the usage of CAN XL as embedded backbone network. The event is accompanied by an exhibition of CAN XL demonstrators, provided by companies offering CAN XL based solutions.

June issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine is released

The March issue focuses on current CAN XL developments. Other topics include CAN tools for setup and operation, diagnostic simulation on CAN FD, and virtual commissioning for industrial machines. Further articles describe implementation requirements for secured gateways as well as the choosing criteria and usage of telematic gateways.

The articles can be downloaded individually or you can download the entire magazine.


CAN- and CANopen-related educational training


  • 2023-05-16: CAN and cybersecurity1

CAN XL Technology day onsite

  • 2023-06-22: Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse cedex (FR)1

1 in English language

New CiA members since the last CAN Info Mail (CIM)

  • 6 River Systems (US)
  • ABB Power Electronics (US)
  • Dexterity (US)
  • ElectroCraft (US)
  • Genemek - GEN Elektromekanik (TR)
  • Huniolift (HU)
  • SEG Automotive Germany (DE)
  • SiliconAuto (NL)
  • Zhejiang Hechuan Technology (CN)

CiA has 729 members (May 01, 2023)

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