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April 2018

A word from the CiA Managing Director

Back to Hanover: CiA returns after more than ten years to the international industrial tradeshow (April 23 to 27). In hall 9 (stand A06), CiA shows its CANopen FD demonstrator. CANopen FD (CiA 1301) starts to take off. The SIG CANopen Lift is going to adopt CANopen FD in the next generation of elevator control systems. First users of CleANopen (CiA 422: CANopen profile for refuse collecting vehicles) consider also the migration to CANopen FD.

By end of this year, I expect the first CANopen FD compliant industrial devices to be on the market. At SPS IPC Drives, CiA can show perhaps a running CANopen FD network with I/O modules, sensors, etc.

Interested parties in this “early bird” prototype network may contact me.


CiA 320 released

The CiA 320 document specifies services and protocols for sleep and wake-up handling for CANopen devices. The specification complies also with CAN transceiver chips providing low-power mode and selective wake-up functionality as standardized in the ISO 11898 series. The document is available for CiA members only. Special-purpose cars (CiA 447) and light electric vehicles (CiA 454) are using it already. More information is available on the CiA website.

SAE J1939 PG references

The J1939DA (digital annex) references some other documents, in which Parameter Groups are given. Some of these references are not detailed enough (e.g. for ISO 11992-2 and -3 as well as ISO 15765-2 and ISO 16844 series). This will be fixed, soon. CiA and ISO will take care on this issue. If you have any other requests regarding J1939 documents, please email to standard(at)

CAN (FD) and cyber-security

Cyber-security can only be achieved on the system level. It is not sufficient to specify just some algorithms to be implemented on the application level. Key exchange and key management needs also to be specified. Additionally, it is necessary to evaluate the security requirements and to provide a dedicated threat assessment. CiA will organize a workshop about CAN (FD) and cyber-security on May 2nd.

Interested parties may email to headquarters(at)

Reporting about your CAN application

The editors of the CAN Newsletter magazine would like to report about your CAN application in detail in one of the next issues. In the CAN Newsletter Online, there is also the opportunity to report about your CAN-related products and services. In both cases, please write to pr(at)

CiA provided education and training (save the dates)



Webinar and seminar language is English.
For further information and registration please write to events(at)

CAN FD roadshow China

In May, CiA organizes with HMS, Honkge/Peak, and ZLG a CAN FD road show:

  • 2018-05-14: Shanghai
  • 2018-05-15: Nanjing
  • 2018-05-17: Shenzhen
  • 2018-05-21: Chongqing
  • 2018-05-22: Xi’an
  • 2018-05-23: Zhengzhou
  • 2018-05-24: Beijing

For further information please write to events(at)

Technical specifications and standards

  • CiA 461-3 and CiA 461-4 (CANopen weighing devices) will be released CiA-internally, soon.

For more information please write to secretary(at)

  • IEC 62228-3 (Integrated circuits – EMC evaluation of transceivers – Part 3: CAN transceivers) is in Committee Draft (CD) ballot.
  • The 3rd edition of ISO 11783-2 (ISOBUS physical layer) is in Draft International Standard (DIS) ballot.
  • Comments on DIS ballot need to be observed for the 3rd edition of ISO 11783-3 (ISOBUS data link layer) before being published as International Standard.

For more information please write to standard(at)

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