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January 2019

A word from the CiA Managing Director

First of all, a happy New Year to everyone of you. The year 2019 starts as the last year has ended: CiA inaugurates new technical groups. In December, the SIG (Special Interest Group) CAN XL was established. Its scope is the development of the CAN XL data link layer providing payloads up to 2048 byte and of a related physical layer for bit rates of 10+ Mbit/s. In January, CiA will establish the IG (Interest Group) profiles coordinating the development of generic profiles and their mapping to Classic CANopen as well as CANopen FD and other application layers (if requested).

This year, CiA is going to finalize the SIC (signal improvement circuit) physical layer based on ISO 11898-2, which supports bit-rates of up to 8 Mbit/s. CiA also will release additional CANopen FD related specifications.

Another CiA group to be inaugurated end of January is the Interest Group (IG) J1939. It will inform CiA members about the standardization of J1939-based networks (e.g. ISO 11783 series also known as Isobus, IEC 61162-3, ISO 11992 series, ISO 16844 series, DIN 4630). CiA staff will represent the IG J1939 in the related standardization bodies in SAE, ISO, IEC, and DIN.

With CAN FD and CAN XL, the CAN community is well prepared to meet future bandwidth requirements in multidrop networks. Of course, these approaches should not increase dramatically the cost per interface. Robustness and reliability will be the same or even better compared to Classical CAN.

The companion specification for the mapping of CANopen to OPC UA is close to be finished. This enables users to integrate in a standardized way CANopen networks into OPC UA environments.


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