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July 2018

A word from the CiA Managing Director

CANopen FD provides some new features. One of the most interesting is the USDO (Universal SDO): With just one CAN-ID containing the source address (node-ID), one node can communicate with all other nodes in the network. The destination address is provided in the USDO protocol, which is part of the CAN FD data field. You can address just one node, all nodes (broadcast), or groups of nodes (multi-cast). This new feature is not just interesting for CANopen backplane applications as used by some I/O device manufacturers. One of the market-leading modular I/O device manufacturers considers already using CANopen FD as backplane bus.

Unfortunately, CANopen FD is not yet supported by IEC 61131-3 compliant software solutions. I think, the users of such PLC software would benefit from the USDO features and the larger payload (up to 64 byte per frame), especially when functional safety and security is required. I am open to discuss this topic with PLC makers and their software suppliers. Of course, also system integrators and machine builders are invited to discuss the CANopen FD benefits. If required, CiA can set-up a Webex session to discuss this topic in more detail.


CiA-provided education and training services (save the dates)

Webinars (free-of-charge):

  • 2018-07-03: CANopen Safety (8:00 CEST)

Webinar language is English.

For further information and registration please write to events(at)

Consulting services for decision makers

CiA provides general consulting services regarding the application of CAN-based networks. This service is free-of-charge. It includes conversation by email and on request by Webex. Under special circumstances it is also possible that CiA representatives visit your company. This service does not include technical in-depth information. It is intended for strategic decision makers discussing global issues. If you are interested in this general consulting service, please write to headquarters(at)

Parties interested in technical in-depth trainings may consider asking for an in-house seminar. In-house seminars are charged. CiA trainers have a long experience in providing product-neutral and provider-independent trainings on Classical CAN, CAN FD, CANopen, CANopen FD as well as other CAN-related topics (e.g. other higher-layer protocols). In-house seminars are highly customized. For more information and a quote please write to events(at)

International standardization

  • ISO 16844 series (tachograph for commercial vehicles)
    This standard series is under systematic review. Some pending comments need to be observed and the reference to the ISO 15764 (CAN security layer) needs to be updated, because this standard will be partly integrated into ISO 14229-1.
  • ISO 16845-2 (in publication)
    This conformance test plan for ISO 11898-2 compliant components is now ready for publication. End of summer it will be available from ISO and national standardization bodies (in Germany by Beuth Verlag).

For further information or any other question on international standardization please write to standard(at) CiA staff is participating in multiple ISO and IEC working groups.

CAN boards for “makers"

The CAN Newsletter Online has reported several times about Arduino and other low-cost boards featuring CAN connectivity. Now, Omzlo has launched an Arduino-compatible IoT platform based on CAN. The NoCan platform composed by the PiMaster HAT and several daisy-chained Canzero modules addresses applications. The 4-wire cable between the modules features the CAN bus-lines and power-lines. The CAN network can optionally be controlled over the Internet with a smartphone. The hardware and software has been developed in an open-source project.

Dual-core MCU with CAN FD port

Microchip has introduced the dsPIC33CH dual-core MCU with CAN FD connectivity. It addresses high-end embedded control applications such as motion controllers. In fans or pumps, the slave core is dedicated to manage time-critical speed and torque control while the master core handles the CAN FD communications, the system monitoring, and diagnostics. For more information visit: or visit

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