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July 2020

A word from the CiA Managing Director

Do not duplicate specifications; make references. This is well known. But sometimes this is inconvenient for the reader. On the other hand, it avoids copy errors. This happened in ISO 11992-2, the CAN-based standard for communication between truck and trailer. This standard uses the J1939 application layer and some of the J1939 parameter groups (PG) specified by SAE. One of them is the PG time and date (TD). In the edition 2, it has been copied, unfortunately this has been done wrongly. In the 8-byte message, the month and day suspect parameters have been swapped. In edition 3, which is still under development, there is a reference to the original SAE specification with the correct mapping of these parameters.

This means, there is an incompatibility between the two ISO 11992-2 editions. Just on 12 days per year, it does not matter (e.g. June 6 and August 8). Just to keep the “old” (wrong) mapping is not possible, because in many trucks there is the same PG with the same PG number (PGN) used, but with correct data content. The gateway between the SAE J1939 in-vehicle network and the ISO 11992-2 network needs to swap month and day data. Of course, this could be done. But diagnostic tools, do not know, if something is mapped in the correct or the wrong way, because the PG is in both cases identified by the same PGN.

CiA secretaries pay attention that this does not happen in CiA documents. We try to be formerly correct as much as possible. We do not copy specifications; instead we reference them. Of course, we are also just human beings making mistakes. If you detect any error in CiA specifications, please inform us. We fix them with the next release. All comments on CiA specifications can be emailed to secretary(at)


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CAN Newsletter Online

  • Securing the CAN network with hardware
    The partnership of Ultrasoc and Canis Automotive Labs addresses the lack of security features within CAN. CAN is commonly used to interconnect in-vehicle systems such as brakes, steering, engine, airbags, door locks, and headlights.
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CAN Newsletter magazine

The June issue focuses on the Covid-19 disease. There are also articles about the CAN XL protocol and CANopen FD (node-ID assignment and starter kit).

June 2020 issue
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Open-source CAN FD core

The Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague has developed an open-source CAN FD core and appropriate development tools. The core complies with ISO 11898-1:2015. The IP core is available under MIT license conditions. The basic features include a RX first-in, first-out (Fifo) buffer of 32 words to 4 096 words equivalent to one to 204 CAN FD data frames and four TX buffers for one CAN FD data frame each. Time stamping of frames is supported as well as time-triggered transmission of data frames.

CAN Newsletter magazine September issue

The third issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine 2020 will report about CAN networks in harsh environment applications. Additionally, there will be articles about physical layer design and CAN security. There is as usual an opportunity to place advertisements in the September issue. For details, please contact publications(at)

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